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Jordan and Logan Sekulow discuss, dissect, and digest the news of the day, along with politics, pop culture, and their personal lives.

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UPenn President Attempts To Apologize For Horrific Genocide Testimony

Thursday, December 7

Topics Discussed:  First night of Hanukkah  Stefanik grills Ivy League presidents  Statement from UPenn’s Liz Magill  Jingle Smells now available on Vudu  There was a GOP debate last night? Evolution of the word “golf”  Logan goes off on golf tangent  Superior Gameboys  Appropriate Christmas decor Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold

Trump “Second Term Dictatorship” Dominating Headlines

Tuesday, December 5

Topics Discussed:  Trump dominating headlines  Meeting Putin  Ukraine forgotten about?  Election night drama  GOP debate this week  Hands and Feet Project  Logan yelled at for Captain Planet toy All for the Hall 2023 Rockettes Christmas  Frazier under fire Logan: Trans Siberian Orchestra is metal  Embassy Suites bacon  Jordan Christmas ornament debacle  Jimmy Patronis Christmas safety tips  KISS “end is only the beginning” hologram show  Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold

Break Down of Colorful Elon Musk Interview

Friday, December 1

Topics Discussed:  Christmas traditions  Creepy Elf on the Shelf  Elon Musk’s very bold interview  War amidst holiday season  Liberals supporting Trump Newsom/DeSantis debate  1 week anniversary of Jingle Smells  John Schneider fan base  Gene Simmons Israel ties  Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold Visit

Israel-Hamas cease-fire gets extended as more hostages are released from Gaza

Monday, November 27

Spending the holidays in New York City Jingle Smells publicity Israeli hostages released who are represented by ACLJ ACLJ’s movie-- The 240: The Fight to Save the Hostages ACLJ prepping to legally defend the state of Israel in ICC Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC ‘The Shark is Broken’ play on Broadway Nashville’s bad traffic rankings Disney acknowledges it messed up by wading into politics/culture wars

The Leftist Mob’s rage boils over outside the DNC

Thursday, November 16

Thanksgiving holiday parties/ holiday movies Jingle Smells plug Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens public fight over scripture/Jews Violence at the DNC Biden calls XI a dictator as Blinken reacts Logan makes vocal appearances in Jingle Smells Best bands, music of 1998 How Country Music has evolved Special council won’t charge anyone in Biden classified docs probe Vivek Ramaswamy and Hailey fighting for 2024

Massive March for Israel Happening in DC

Tuesday, November 14

Topics Discussed:  March for Israel in DC  Pro-Palestinian protest at Ted’s Montana Grill  5 day ceasefire negotiations ongoing  Tim Scott out of 2024 race GOP Senator threatens official: “stand your butt up”  “Jinge Smells” update -  Jeremy Corbyn refuses to condemn Hamas  Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold Dinesh D’Souza's

Washington Post Caves & Removes Anti-Hamas Cartoon

Friday, November 10

Topics Discussed:  Pre-order NOW WaPo removes anti-Hamas cartoon  Son of Hamas leader on Cuomo  Israel war continues despite “pauses” Megyn Kelly to moderate next GOP debate on NewsNation  Iraq war flashback  Is Burgum still running for president?  World Series champs thanks to Creed  Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold

A behind-the-scenes view with the families of the Israel hostage crisis

Thursday, November 9

GOP debate and CMA shows Wednesday night ACLJ work in DC and conversations with hostages’ families and interactions with Dems and Republicans on the hill Differences between Ukraine and Israel Ratings wars between the debate and CMA shows Dinesh D’souza’s “Police State”/ Watch the trailer for Logan's new movie "Jingle Smells"/ TV’s that project an image of a painting to make your wall look better Hummer EV test drive – charging and driving range challenges Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold

Push for a “pause” in Gaza picks up steam

Thursday, November 2

Breaking: The White House works to get Americans out of Gaza and into Egypt Biden Admin working to get a brief pause in fighting to get hostages out New Presidential poll shows RFK at 22% as an Independent with Biden and Trump within the margin of error of each other NBC news hosting next Republican Presidential Primary Debate Newsom and DeSantis gear up for debate Trump’s kids testifying in New York civil court case while he campaigns Rumble premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie- “Police State” at Mar-a-Lago New ACLJ project  NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ top fundraiser/campaigner was raided by FBI New York immigration crisis Economic impact of the Russian/Ukraine war and Israel/Hamas war Another GOP attempt to remove George Santos from Congress fails Beatles put out “The Final Song”—and a documentary about how it was made Biden launches an Islamophobia panel as antisemitism surges LA times unclear if anti-Jewish hate is a hate crime Snow hits more U.S. states in the last 20 years

Antisemitism Puts Travelers On Notice

Tuesday, October 31

Topics Discussed: - Happy Halloween! - Age appropriate trick-or-treating - Logan’s East ATL escapade - Romneys as Travis and Taylor - Daily Wire upstages Disney - Dinesh D’souza’s “Police State”/ - Israel isolated/antisemitism rampant - Terrorism threat in America - Everyone needs to know Morrissey Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold

What’s Next in Israel + Still No Speaker?

Wednesday, October 18

Logan and Jordan are back in studio after traveling. Jordan takes a page out of Logan’s playbook and discusses his trip to Disney. Then, they turn their focus to Pres. Biden’s trip to Israel, the diplomatic failures that plagued it, and what they are concerned about as the war continues.   -Jordan takes a page out of Logan’s playbook, and goes to Disney  -Turf War: Florida vs. California, Disney style  -Daily Wire announces their app for Kids, and troll Disney in the process  -The horrors of the war in Israel  -Biden’s trip to Israel Fears of another “Benghazi” attack  -The world is waiting to turn on Israel  -Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold  -Still no Speaker of the House

Israel War Escalates Amid Turmoil in House

Tuesday, October 17

Topics Discussed:  Biden traveling to Israel  House Speaker vote  Hollywood writers strike  Disney celebrates 100 years  Capitol Records/Morrissey drama Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold

Secret House Speaker List Revealed

Wednesday, October 4

Topics Discussed: - Late night tv is back - Las Vegas Sphere - Secret Speaker of the House list - Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold - Pelosi kicked out of office - Newsom/DeSantis debate Nov 30 - Seven dwarfs… in order?

BREAKING: House Voting on Ousting McCarthy

Tuesday, October 3

Republicans are going head to head on the House floor on whether or not Kevin McCarthy should be removed as Speaker of the House. Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold

GOP Debate Chaos/Musk Going to Southern Border

Thursday, September 28

Topics Discussed: - GOP debate analysis - Antony Blinken has a band? - Elon Musk going to southern border - Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold - Booze trucks plaguing Nashville - Biden impeachment inquiry - Politician resigns over Nazi guest - Bono loves Obama and Georg W - Little Richard history 

Atheist Group Takes On College Campus Revival

Monday, September 25

Topics Discussed:  - WGA strike over  - Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce  - Little Caesars debate  - Auburn on campus baptisms  - Sanford, FL - Logan’s pro-status food move - Bon Jovi  - Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold - Young Guns 1 and 2  - DeSantis/Newsom debate set - Braves in Nashville  - Where is Richard Simmons? 

Hunter Sues the IRS And Would The Real John Fetterman Please Stand Up

Monday, September 18

Topics Discussed: - Sekulows take on Titans game - “Jingle Smells” update - Hunter Biden sues IRS - Fake John Fetterman? - Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold - ‘Non-human’ bodies presented to Congress - Jordan headed to United Nations - Logan’s arsenal of nerf guns - Zombie jet