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Jordan and Logan Sekulow discuss, dissect, and digest the news of the day, along with politics, pop culture, and their personal lives.

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2024 Presidential Debate Details + Trump’s Troll Of All Trolls

Monday, June 5

Today on the show, the RNC has released details of requirements presidential candidates need to meet to get on the debate stage ahead of the first face-off on August 23rd. Plus, could former President Trump and FL Gov. Ron DeSantis strike up a debate deal of their own? And our country almost spiraled into a massive debt crisis (worse than it is now) but for a reason you wouldn’t believe. And speaking of Trump… we reveal his troll of all trolls. Topics Discussed: - Where woke goes to die - RNC details on debate requirements - Pence files paperwork to run for president - Election shakeup in NH - Trump/DeSantis debate deal - Chuck Todd leaving Meet the Press - Debt ceiling delay due to parchment paper - Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold - Trump’s troll of all trolls - How much of a threat is Robert Kennedy Jr?

Massive Drone Attack in Russia

Wednesday, May 31

Today on the show, there has been a massive, suicide drone attack in Moscow, and so far, no one has claimed responsibility. Plus, a new, interesting theme among conservatives. Side note - do you think it’d be a good idea to get DeSantis, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Twitter Spaces together? And, you won’t believe HOW many times the Sekulow family (especially Logan) has avoided disaster.  Topics Discussed:  Back to the grind Saw “The Machine” hysterical  Suicide drone attack in Moscow  Running theme among conservatives   DeSantis, Zelenskyy & Putin on Twitter Spaces  Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold Sekulows avoid disaster  Paramore lead singer gets political  Voters flip script on DeSantis positions  Babylon Bee controversy  Succession finale

Did ‘Dee-Santis’ / ‘Deh-Santis’ Announce?

Thursday, May 25

Today on the show, we break down the disastrous launch of Ron DeSantis’ 2024 presidential campaign. Plus, will Donald Trump’s response to the DeSantis kickoff open a door for more Artificial Intelligence in politics? And there’s a reason Trump is more comfortable with the construction guys than the hedge fund guys.  Topics Discussed:  DeSantis’ disastrous launch  Is it DEE-Santis or DEH-santis?  Future of AI in politics Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold Scott Walker 2.0  Is Trump more of a man of the people?

Why Does MSNBC Love Tim Scott?

Monday, May 22

Today on the show, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott announced this morning that he’s officially making a run for the White House, and with that, we’ve now got ourselves a 2024 GOP presidential field. Plus, a travel alert has been issued for the state of Florida, alongside Iraq, Iran and North Korea. And, John Fetterman screams his vote from outside the Senate floor so he can wear his pajamas to work.  Topics Discussed:  SC Sen. Tim Scott running  GOP presidential field  Travel warning issued for Florida  Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold Fetterman dresses like middle schooler Big and Rich featured on Jeopardy!  NBA drama  De Niro welcomes new baby at 79 Logan misses ostrich races  Most soviet thing you can do in America 

DeSantis to Enter Presidential Race + Oscar Mayer Says: No More Weinermobile

Thursday, May 18

Today on the show, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to officially announce his 2024 presidential run next week. Plus, the beloved Oscar Mayer wienermobile is getting a name change and it’s definitely not as fun. And Adidas goes woke.  Topics Discussed:  DeSantis officially announcing next week  Will NYC ever feel normal again?  Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold  Oscar Mayer wienermobile name change  Buttigieg marxist vibes  Adidas using trans models for marketing  Logan going to exotic animal racing  Kaitlin Collins moving to CNN primetime  RFK Jr trying to change Democrat party 

AI Is Coming For Your Boyfriend

Monday, May 15

Today on the show, Apple’s latest hot launch comes with some pretty big risks. The product debuts on June 3rd. Who’s buying? Plus, imagine you meet your dream girl only to then realize that she’s NOT real. Is AI taking over? And everyone’s favorite grandma is gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. Topics Discussed: - Summer is coming - Jordan’s school routine - Latest Apple launch - AI girlfriends - Martha Stewart on the cover of Sports Illustrated - Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold  - Eurovision drama - Alarming new normal of Christian music industry - How are we treating national health crisis?

Trump WINS Again on CNN Townhall

Thursday, May 11

Today on the show, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump owns CNN in the first town hall of the 2024 election season. Plus will the greatest band of all time (according to Logan) make a comeback? Topics Discussed: - Trump owns CNN - Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold  - Next World Cup - Will Oasis make a comeback? - Logan and Jordan have french pets

Chris Pratt Stands Up to Anti-Christian Haters

Tuesday, May 9

Logan is joined by Will Haynes, sitting in for Jordan today. They discuss the Chris Pratt’s box-office dominance, the press accuses Pratt of comparing himself to Jesus, and media companies waking up to what viewers really want.  Chris Pratt stars in top two movies; compares himself to Christ? Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 goes Explicit Language Great American Family’s viewership on the rise Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold  Biden falling in ABC and Washington Post polls Round up or round down age? Trump’s CNN town hall Wednesday night Advertisers return to Tucker’s 8pm time slot GORN — Greatest of Right Now

Lionel Messi’s Massive Million Dollar Saudi Deal

Thursday, May 4

Today on the show, Saudi Arabia is about to offer soccer star Lionel Messi a massive deal in an effort to “upend the world of professional sports.” Plus, a huge pop star just won a highly publicized lawsuit, and it’s a victory for free speech. And Ed Sheeran got sued and just won. Topics Discussed:     -    Messi’s massive offer     -    LIV Golf league     -    Code BROS at for 10% off     -    Ed Sheeran lawsuit     -    Happy May 4th     -    Toughest ballerinas ever     -    How old is The Nutcracker?     -    Logan in the wild     -    Really good looking guys

Old Man Biden: “Hush UP Boy”

Tuesday, May 2

Today on the show, President Biden made some weird/borderline racist comments during an event at the White House. We’ll play it out. It’s really weird. Plus, how the Hollywood writer’s strike could benefit Fox News. And the Radical Left is melting down over the fact that CNN is hosting a town hall with Donald Trump. Topics Discussed: - Biden’s weird comments - Logan’s beard journey - Hollywood writer’s strike - Code BROS at for 10% off - Trump doing CNN town hall - Keith Olbermann “journalistic suicide” - Text BROS to 989898 to learn more about Birch Gold Group

Deadbeat Bidens / Epstein CIA Connection Revealed

Monday, May 1

Today on the show, Hunter Biden is now being forced to show up for court. Plus, the current CIA director Bill Burns had a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Yes, you read that correctly. Aerosmith just announced their farewell tour, and Logan already has tickets. Topics Discussed: - Hunter Biden fighting in court - Jordan may move to Arkansas - Code BROS at for 10% off - CIA director’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein - Text BROS to 989898 to learn more about Birch Gold Group - Aerosmith farewell tour - Logan beat Ozempic

FL Changes Law for Potential DeSantis Presidential Campaign

Friday, April 28

Today on the show, A path has been cleared for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to officially announce his candidacy for president. Will he? Plus, we break down a crazy week in conservative media. Topics Discussed: - Pathway cleared for Gov. DeSantis - Big George Foreman movie debuts today - NYT: When George W. Bush was a Hero - Tucker Carlson’s massive response - Steven Crowder drama - Code BROS at for 10% off - Not all chocolate pudding is the same - Tony Robbins - Extreme mosh pits Big George Foreman hits theaters today. For tickets check out

Biden Runs: Americans Say “Please Don’t”

Tuesday, April 25

Today on the show, Joe Biden just announced he’s running for re-election in 2024. His debut video is truly laughable. Plus, that one time Logan tried to buy Siegfried and Roy’s house. And how strong do you think Donald Trump is? Oh… and who watches The View anymore? Topics Discussed: - Biden running for re-election - Republican’s AI response - Insane NYT headline - Big George Foreman movie debuts 4/28 - Logan tried to buy Siegfried and Roy’s house - Text BROS to 989898 to learn more about Birch Gold Group - The year Logan peaked - Jordan’s t-shirt idea - How strong is Trump? - Where is Jesse Ventura? - Will Trump join the debates? - Code BROS at for 10% off - DeSantis ad - Who watches The View? - Terrifying Alabama governor Big George Foreman hits theaters 4/28. For tickets check out

Tucker Out At Fox News, Don Lemon Fired from CNN

Monday, April 24

Today on the show, we talk about what everyone else is talking about: Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon - out at Fox News and CNN. Plus, a wild conspiracy theory from Limp Bizkit’s front man, Fred Durst. And a Mario movie review you didn’t know that you needed.  Topics Discussed:  Tucker out at Fox Don out at CNN  Fred Durst conspiracy theory  Code BROS at for 10% off Text BROS to 989898 to learn more about Birch Gold Group Mario movie review  Woke Barbie

Democrat Congresswoman on Immigrants: Who Will Clean Our Houses?

Thursday, April 20

Today on the show, some not so subtle racism from the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Rep. Pramila Jayapal. Plus, Logan describes what downtown Nashville was like on 4/20. And… who still loves Waffle House?  Topics Discussed:          •       Rep. Pramila Jayapal racist comments          •       Big George Foreman movie debuts 4/28. For tickets check out         •       Should marijuana even be legalized?         •       Waffle House         •       Hotels with external doors         •       4 Patriots — Go to and use code BROS to get 10% off your first purchase of 4Patriots Survival Food.         •       Gas shortage in South Florida          •       Tulsi Gabbard joins Sekulow Broadcast Team

Trump Calls DeSantis/Disney Feud “Unnecessary Political Stunt”

Tuesday, April 18

Jordan and Logan discuss the ongoing battle between Ron DeSantis and the Disney company over Disney’s status in the state of Florida. Then, they dive into Elon Musk’s AI warnings and also Trump’s second release of NFT trading cards. -Fight between DeSantis and Disney -Trump’s response to DeSantis’ Disney fight -Why the fight has continued -BIG GEORGE FOREMAN — Starring Kris Davis and Academy Award Winner Forest Whitaker.  Only in theaters beginning April 28th. -Elon Musk’s interview with Tucker -Birch Gold — Text BROS to 989898 to get a free info-kit on gold. -Will AI become Terminator? — Use code BROS to get 10% off your first purchase of 4Patriots Survival Food -Series 2 of Trump’s NFT trading cards

BREAKING: FBI Arrests Two for Operating Illegal Chinese Police Station in New York

Monday, April 17

Jordan and Logan discuss the shocking news that the US arrested two men in connection with a secret Chinese Police Station, Logan’s quest to buy a car from his youth, and in a tease of his big interview, Elon Musk reveals the unbelievable access the Government had to your twitter account. -Arrests made in connection with secret Chinese Police Station in New York -The disparity of US vs. China manufacturing  -Birch Gold — Text BROS to 989898 to get a free info-kit on gold. -Logan’s quest for a new, old car  - — Use code BROS to get 10% off your first purchase of 4Patriots Survival Food -Elon Musk reveals how much access the Government had to Twitter

Pudding Fingers: MAGA Releases "Disgustingly Good" Ad

Friday, April 14

Today on the show, Trump takes aim at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a really "creative" but definitely memorable way. Plus, a towing company lost Logan’s car. And New York City is going old school by hiring a “rat czar." Topics Discussed: - Pudding fingers ad - Code BROS at for 10% off - Logan need a new vehicle - Text BROS to 989898 to learn more about Birch Gold Group - NYC hires rat czar

Breaking: Alvin Bragg Sues Jim Jordan

Tuesday, April 11

Today on the show, Rep. Jim Jordan has just been sued by New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Plus, Whole Foods’ flagship store in San Francisco has closed because of outrageous crime. And Logan really embraced the Florida lifestyle during his very nontraditional Easter weekend. Topics Discussed: - Jim Jordan sued by NY District Attorney - Kirk Franklin performs with Jonas Bros - Text BROS to 989898 to learn more about Birch Gold Group - Crime shuts down flagship Whole Foods - Logan’s nontraditional Easter weekend - Best place to vacation - Code BROS at for 10% off - Vampire fears