What’s Next in Israel + Still No Speaker?

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Jordan and Logan Sekulow discuss, dissect, and digest the news of the day, along with politics, pop culture, and their personal lives.

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Wednesday, October 18

Logan and Jordan are back in studio after traveling. Jordan takes a page out of Logan’s playbook and discusses his trip to Disney. Then, they turn their focus to Pres. Biden’s trip to Israel, the diplomatic failures that plagued it, and what they are concerned about as the war continues.   -Jordan takes a page out of Logan’s playbook, and goes to Disney  -Turf War: Florida vs. California, Disney style  -Daily Wire announces their app for Kids, and troll Disney in the process  -The horrors of the war in Israel  -Biden’s trip to Israel Fears of another “Benghazi” attack  -The world is waiting to turn on Israel  -Text BROS to 989898 #birchgold  -Still no Speaker of the House