Push for a “pause” in Gaza picks up steam

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Thursday, November 2

Breaking: The White House works to get Americans out of Gaza and into Egypt Biden Admin working to get a brief pause in fighting to get hostages out New Presidential poll shows RFK at 22% as an Independent with Biden and Trump within the margin of error of each other NBC news hosting next Republican Presidential Primary Debate Newsom and DeSantis gear up for debate Trump’s kids testifying in New York civil court case while he campaigns Rumble premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie- “Police State” at Mar-a-Lago New ACLJ project  NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ top fundraiser/campaigner was raided by FBI New York immigration crisis Economic impact of the Russian/Ukraine war and Israel/Hamas war Another GOP attempt to remove George Santos from Congress fails Beatles put out “The Final Song”—and a documentary about how it was made Biden launches an Islamophobia panel as antisemitism surges LA times unclear if anti-Jewish hate is a hate crime Snow hits more U.S. states in the last 20 years