Tucker Carlson CONFIRMS Interview with Russia's Vladimir Putin--CNN LOSES IT!

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Trish Regan is an award-winning financial journalist, talkshow and podcast host, and author. Regan interprets political and current cultural events through an economic lens. Watch the live version online or listen to the full-audio version here. 


Wednesday, February 7

In today’s Trish Regan Show, I’m covering new fallout tied to Tucker Carlson’s upcoming interview with Russian President Putin. Tucker is currently in Moscow for the event. The media, especially CNN, is not pleased. Find out why U.S. journalists are livid that the former Fox News personality is sitting down with Putin. Meanwhile, Tucker is out with another major allegation—he says he's being spied upon again. We'll discuss. Plus, Gina Carano is teaming up with Elon Musk to sue Disney! Bob Iger - watch out. Join me live for a look at the biggest stories of the day including Trump immunity, the CNN Morning Show shakeup, and more!