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Trish Regan is an award winning financial journalist, an American television talk show host and author who interprets political events through an economic lens. Get the INTEL to help you make the best investment choices with Trish.

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How AI REALLY COULD Destroy Humanity

Tuesday, June 6

In today's episode, I speak with The Heritage Foundation's Kara Frederick about the international AND domestic desire to control information in this new AI race. As many now predict, AI really could destroy humanity.  To subscribe to my my free newsletter, go to: SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE for daily videos from the Trish Regan Show Subscribe to the whole audio show on Apple Podcasts: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: trishregan#trishreganshow#thetrishreganshowToday's show is sponsored in part by: https://LegacyPMInvestments.comTo invest in gold or silver directly go to: or, call 1-866-589-0560

Biden Falls, #BoycottTarget Top Song on ITunes, and Jamie Dimon...for PRESIDENT?!

Friday, June 2

No one wants to see the President of the United States fall. But, indeed, he did and though I feel horrible for him...the reality is, we cannot ignore this. It highlights the issue of age as well as whether or not he is "fit" for the job. We'll discuss in today's LIVE version of the show where I'm taking your questions and comments.  Plus, a new song by a conservative wrapper has Target executives panicked. We'll play you a clip of the rapper Forgiato Blow urging people to boycott the retailer after - he sings -  it put "a target" on kids.  And, JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon may consider getting into politics? REALLY? We reveal what he told a Bloomberg reporter and how some on Wall Street are encouraging him to throw his hat in the ring.  A SPECIAL edition of the show - AS LIVE. If you would like to WATCH THE PROGRAM, please subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel here: PLUS: SIGN UP FOR MY EMAIL AT: PORTIONS of the show are brought to you by: Call 1-866-589-0560 to invest in gold or silver today. 

LIVE Show: 'Tucker' Author's Theory on Carlson's Exit from Fox, Target and BUD Decline

Wednesday, May 31

In today's program, Trish Regan speaks with Chadwick Moore - author of the new 'Tucker' book about Carlson's exit from the network and the challenge Legacy Media faces in the future. Meanwhile, Target and Bud Light boycotts are growing stronger. Both stocks are still lower suggesting additional trouble ahead for the companies. A debt deal is about to pass and the Federal Reserve is increasingly LESS likely to raise rates.  WATCH the show on Trish Regan's YOUTUBE channel: SUBSCRIBE to Trish's email at: Portions of today's show are brought to you by show sponsor Legacy PM Investments. Buy gold and silver today online at or call the company at 1-866-589-0560.

Target TANKS: This Boycott's Got Legs!

Wednesday, May 31

In today's program, Trish Regan says the newest boycott against Target is showing some very long legs. The Shares traded down another 4% in trading as the company struggles to placate those that are FOR and AGAINST its newest LGBT themed merchandise. Meanwhile, the former Target designer is now speaking out. Hear what he has to say about his so-called 'cancellation'.  Plus, John Kerry wants American farmer to be net zero on carbon emissions in less than 7 years. Does this mean the price of milk and meat will move higher? What does Kerry want Americans to eat? One science publication has a suggestion: BUGS.  Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos, is heading to jail for her role in the company's defrauding of investors. And, DO WE HAVE A DEBT DEAL YET? WATCH the entire show online on my YOUTUBE at SUBSCRIBE to my free newsletter here at:  https://TrishReganShow.scom Today's show is brought to you in part by: To buy and sell gold online go to the LPM website - or get assistance by calling them direct at 1-866-589-0560

LISTEN: Ron DeSantis With Elon Musk On Twitter Spaces

Friday, May 26

In this bonus edition of the show, Trish Regan shares the live stream of Elon Musk with Gov Ron DeSantis of Florida and discussion LIVE with viewers at the end of the stream.  WATCH THE LIVE TRISH REGAN SHOW ON YOUTUBE at Portions of the Trish Regan Show are brought to you always by: Call 1-866-589-0560

Target Gets Bud Light Treatment, Black Lives Matter Heading to Bankruptcy? And, DeSantis is IN

Thursday, May 25

This Target story is something to see. WHO ON EARTH came up with this one? Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter is reportedly insolvent, Tucker Carlson is rebuilding his studio -- himself, and Ron DeSantis just filed to run for President... ON Twitter!  Join me for details on all that and more. Head to my website to subscribe to my newsletter: PLUS, WATCH THE SHOW on Youtube at Portions of today's show are brought to you by Call 1-866-589-0560 to learn more. 

The Bud Light Effect: AB Inbev Earnings to Fall Off Cliff

Thursday, May 25

In today’s LIVE show, Trish Regan reports ANOTHER Wall Street analyst is predicting tough times for Anheuser-Busch. Earnings are expected to plunge 26% amid the Dylan Mulvaney scandal. The company is now facing an investigation by Senators Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn. Plus, as debt talks grow more heated, the CEO of one of our sponsor companies, Legacy Precious Metals, stops by to talk gold, debt ceiling, and maybe even a little Bud Light.  SUBSCRIBE TO TRISH'S NEWSLETTER AT HTTPS://TRISHREGANSHOW.COM WATCH THE TRISH REGAN SHOW HERE: HTTPS://YOUTUBE.COM/TRISHREGANCHANNEL Portions of today's show are brought to you by: To invest in gold or silver, visit their website - or speak with someone directly at 1-866-589-0560

'Don't Go to Florida!' Larry Elder Joins Trish LIVE on the NAACP Warning, the 2024 Field, and FOX Fallout

Wednesday, May 24

Presidential Candidate and Author of "As Goes California" Larry Elder goes off on the NAACP. Plus, Bud Light's newest challenge, Neil Gorsuch's warning on the danger of fear, and the threat of a default on U.S. debt. SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER AT WATCH THE SHOW at: Today's show brought to you IN PART by: Call 1-866-589-0560 for more information on investing in gold or silver. 

Fox News Responds to Rumors About Primetime Changes, Miller-Lite Faces Backlash, And Debt Crisis is HERE

Sunday, May 21

In today's LIVE show, Fox responds to rumors that one of its Primetime Anchors may go the way of Tucker Carlson. Plus, Miller-Lite is facing a backlash from consumers amid the revelation of a new 'woke' video...and, the debt crisis is coming down to the wire. Trish Regan is answering viewers' questions and hearing your comments.  SUBSCRIBE to The Trish Regan Show on Apple Podcasts and WATCH the show on Trish's YouTube Channel HERE. Today's show sponsors include: Legacy Precious Metals Ruff Greens

Breaking: Fox News Set to Unveil NEW Primetime Lineup - Trish Regan LIVE

Thursday, May 18

Breaking: Fox News is reportedly set to announce a brand new primetime lineup. Find out who will replace Tucker Carlson and whether it will help the network avoid becoming the next Bud Light. Trish Regan is joined in today's show by Benny Johnson, Host of 'The Benny Show' for reaction. Can this move 'save' Fox? No way says Benny...that ship has sailed. And, it's sailed for Bud Light too!  Check out Benny on Youtube and on Twitter @bennyjohnson Subscribe to Trish's newsletter at and WATCH the podcast daily HERE: Today's Show Sponsored by:

COUP Exposed! Durham Report Showcases FBI'S Acute Bias

Wednesday, May 17

It took four years, but the Durham Report is finally here. We learned that the deep state is deeper that we thought. Trish has details on that and much more in today's program.  SUBSCRIBE TO TRISH'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO WATCH THE SHOW: Sign up for Trish's free newsletter at: Today's show is brought to you by:

Miller Lite Tries to 'Out Woke' Bud Light in New Ad - Trish Regan Takes Questions LIVE

Tuesday, May 16

In this special LIVE edition of the Trish Regan Show, Trish takes questions and comments as she reports on the new commercial from Miller Lite that has everyone talking. Bud Light and Miller Lite seen to be in competition for the title of ‘most politically correct beer’.. There’s only one problem, shareholders aren’t please. Shares parent company of Molson Coors' traded down in the session as investors brace for another potential boycott. While the new ad may not be quite as memorable as the Dylan Mulvaney's commercial, it does highlight the influence of ESG investing at Miller Lite's parent company. To WATCH the show and subscribe to the next live program, head over to The Trish Regan Channel on Youtube.

Domino Effect: Bud Light Boycott Hits Other AB Inbev Brands

Monday, May 15

If you think things are bad at Bud Light, have you seen Budweiser? In today's show, Trish Regan examines the rest of AB Inbev's beer portfolio. Plus, Twitter has a new CEO. Is Linda Yaccarino from NBC up to the job? And, the rhetoric surrounding a potential default on U.S. debt is getting strong. Lots of blame, lots of brinkmanship - but, what does it mean for YOU? Trish explains. Don't forget to subscribe to YouTube to SEE the program live. Today's program is sponsored in part by:

Wall Street FINALLY Admits Anheuser-Busch Mistake! Trump's Ratings Win for CNN, and Allegations of a Biden Money-Trail to Romania

Friday, May 12

In today's special LIVE program, Trish Regan talks with her Youtube viewers about the reasons why Wall Street was so late to admit Bud Light's mistake. With the stock having lost some $5 billion in market cap, the analyst community is forced to admit what all of us already knew. PLUS: Trump had a big night on CNN and despite the media freak-out, saw a massive ratings tune-in. What does this tell us about 2024? Speaking of ratings, Fox News continues to falter as it struggles with the lost of its main star, Tucker Carlson.  Joe Biden's family is alleged to have gotten millions from...Romania? This is a story that needs to be reported out (if the media is so allowed...) Inflation just won't go away... Trish explains why. Today's program is brought to you by: and,

Beer Contagion! Anheuser-Busch's Stock Plunges as Boycott Hit More Brands

Thursday, May 11

Bud Light's parent company is feeling some pain. Investors are selling the stock amid fears that the boycott will not only continue but hit other brands. In today's show, I'm joined by Seth Wethers, the founder of a conservative beer brand that is benefiting from Bud Light's woes.  With Title 42 expiring, border towns across the U.S. are preparing for an influx of migrants. Anthony Cabasso, host of Informed with Anthony--and a former translator for the Coast Guard at the border--joins me with a look at the reasons for the surge as well as the frustration he's hearing from members of the latino community in the U.S. about Biden's policies. And... Tucker is making a comeback. On Twitter. FOLLOW THE SHOW here to learn more.  Today's advertisers include:

Breaking: Tucker Carlson Announces New Show After Fox News

Tuesday, May 9

In today's program, we hear from Tucker Carlson on his new venture. What will it mean for Fox News and, more importantly, the media as a whole? Plus, new developments at Bud Light at the stock of parent company Anheuser-Busch falls yet again. And, why doesn't anyone in our state department understand international financial markets? Our country is being outsmarted around the world. I'm joined for a look at our increasing vulnerabilities (including the threat of default) by Hans Humes of Greylock Capital.  WATCH the show online by subscribing to my channel at FOLLOW ME on Twitter at Today's show sponsors:

Biden at Fresh Low in Crushing New Poll

Tuesday, May 9

In today's Trish Regan Show, I'm digging into the new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post. This is NOT GOOD for the Dems. Meanwhile, Bud Light is trying to distance itself from transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney arguing, 'it was just one post'.  And, as a debt ceiling crisis looms, Washington is taking brinkmanship to new heights. Could we REALLY default?  Today's show is sponsored by advertisers including: - call 1-866-589-0560 to learn more about investing in gold or silver.

Border ONSLAUGHT, the Tucker Text that Hides the REAL Story, and the Fed's IMPOSSIBLE Inflation Task

Thursday, May 4

SPECIAL GUEST: DINESH D'SOUZA In this episode, I'm sounding the alarm on the influx of migrants expected to pour across the Texas-US border in the coming days as Title 42 expires. Plus, the NY Times believes it found the 'smoking gun' text message from Tucker Carlson that supposedly got him fired. The text shouldn't have surprised Tucker. Might the bigger issue for Fox News have been fear of regulation from Democrats? And, the Federal Reserve raised rates to the highest level in 16 years but, it's still not enough to fix inflation. Joining me today is conservative thought leader, Dinesh D'Souza. Dinesh, a filmmaker and media commentator, is the host of the Dinesh D'Souza podcast. In today's discussion, we look at why gender dysphoria has become the topic du jour for both sides of the aisle. According to Dinesh, it may mark a dangerous turning point for Western civilization. Today's show is sponsored in part by:

The REAL Reason Elites Love Biden, Bud Light May Never Recover, and the Fed is FINISHED

Wednesday, May 3

Shares of Bud Light remain under pressure as Molsen-Coors soars to new heights. In today's show, I'm joined by former Anheuser-Busch executive Anson Frericks, co-Founder of Strive Asset Management. According to Frericks, Anheuser-Busch has lost its way, and 'woke capitalism' is to blame.  Plus, with the nation's regional banks facing massive challenges and possible insolvency, there are new fears that a banking crisis -- worse than 2008 -- may soon materialize. This, combined with the growing risk of the U.S. defaulting on its debt, is causing investors to question how overvalued this market may still be.  And, the Fed is prepared to tell us this is the end of interest rate hikes. Yet - Inflation is still a problem! The Fed is setting itself up for a problem of epic proportions. I explain. Join me for more online at Today's show is brought to you by: