Trump's Pick for Vice President Is...

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Trish Regan is an award winning financial journalist, and podcast host and author. Regan interprets political and current cultural events through an economic lens. Get the INTEL to help you make the best investment choices with Trish.


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Monday, October 30

Donald Trump has a lock on the top of the Republican ticket...which means, the big question becomes; who's his pick for VP? There are a lot of names being discussed, all of whom are great candidates. Trish Regan has the scoop on Donald Trump's top picks for Vice President, and there's one particular candidate emerging at the top of the heap. Plus, Israel is intensifying its ground operation into Gaza, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruling out a ceasefire. As an increasing number of attacks against Jews around the world, including here at home and on college campuses, Trish Regan looks at the links between Marxism, CRT, DEI, the BLM movement, and the increasing number of hate-inspired threats against Jews. From Harvard to Columbia to Cornell to Stanford University, Ivy League institutions are getting called out for their hate.  Politically, the Democrats, Regan explains, have a real problem. It's critical that they stop trying to satiate the extremists in their party. Corporate America is just beginning to figure that out. From Bud Light to Target, the "go woke, go broke" warning is real. Disney is the latest to feel the heat, with the company now making production and casting changes to its Snow White production. Trish explains.