Fox News Host Jesse Watters Drops Legal Bombshell Threat on The View’s Joy Behar

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Monday, November 27

In today’s 'Trish Regan Show', Fox News host Jesse Watters comes under fire for taking issue with Target’s new line of proud Christmas merchandise. The View’s Joy Behar slammed Jesse Watters’ commentary … and Jesse responded with threat of potential action again The View host? I’ll explain. Meanwhile, What’s up at Target? Although its sales numbers have recently seen a turnaround since June, the company is still struggling and, once again, runs the risk of alienating its core customer. Watch part of my interview with the former Vice Chair of Target, Gerald Storch. We’ve seen similar marketing challenges at Bud Light, whose parent company, Anheuser-Busch, also known as Budweiser, is still struggling with quarterly sales down 29%. Seven months after its challenges emerged, AB Inbev just announced that it would part ways with its head of marketing. And Budweiser and Target aren't alone in their issues. We've also seen challenges at Disney (ticker symbol DIS.) Four of Disney’s recent movies have lost a reported $1 billion, and yet, Disney is still trying to roll out a new Snow White. According to reports, the new 'live action' Snow White cost some $330 million and is being delayed. The economist Adam Smith (who talked about the role of the ‘invisible hand’ of the free market in capitalism) would be 300 years old this year. I wonder what Adam Smith might think about the lack of market forces at play at Disney and other companies today. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE for daily videos from the Trish Regan Show Subscribe to my whole audio show on Apple Podcasts: Check out my Live Free merch! Follow me on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: