The Real World Sacrifice of Moms

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In our fast-changing world, it can be difficult to sort through the issues of the day. From family to faith to the latest in the public square, it’s hard to stay up on what’s happening, much less interpret the news in a way that honors our Christian faith. That’s what Salem’s Christian hosts do for our listeners across the country every day—and “The Christian Outlook” draws from the best of their material to bring you an hour-long program you won’t want to miss.

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Friday, May 12

The Christian Outlook – May 13, 2023 Don Kroah invites Joannie DeBrito, of Focus on the Family, to talk about how Mother's Day can be a difficult time for some people, particularly those who have experienced the loss of a child, infertility, or a strained relationship with their own mother. Find more resources at “When Mother’s Day Hurts.” John Hall and Kathy Emmons interview Courtney Reissig, contributor at the Gospel Coalition and the author of, “Glory in the Ordinary: Why Your Work in the Home Matters to God,” about motherhood and the struggles that come with it. Courtney discusses how because we live in a broken world, motherhood is hard and not always fulfilling, but it's still good. Georgene Rice invites Emerson Eggerich, contributor at Focus on the Family, to share the significance of respect in mother-son relationships. They discuss how using respectful language can help mothers connect with their boys and create a stronger bond. For more, check out his Love and Respect book. Bill Bunkley talks with Shannon Bream, Fox News journalist and author of "The Women of the Bible Speak," about how the stories of flawed women in the Bible can be comforting and relatable for women facing similar struggles today.  John Hall and Kathy Emmons talk with author Michelle Van Loon about her experience with a prodigal child and how she learned to pray and find hope through her stranger-turned-friend, Elizabeth, who also had been through a long, hard road with her drug-addicted son, which led her to cultivate a deep and intense relationship with God.