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In our fast-changing world, it can be difficult to sort through the issues of the day. From family to faith to the latest in the public square, it’s hard to stay up on what’s happening, much less interpret the news in a way that honors our Christian faith. That’s what Salem’s Christian hosts do for our listeners across the country every day—and “The Christian Outlook” draws from the best of their material to bring you an hour-long program you won’t want to miss.

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A Christian Assessment of Our Woke Cultural Moment

Friday, September 29

The Christian Outlook – September 30, 2023 Greg Seltz, in for Don Kroah, talks with Daniel Huerta to underscore the importance of two-parent families as a fundamental right for children. They highlight the benefits of stability, emotional regulation, and selflessness in such families, and call for policies and teaching the next generation to prioritize healthy relationships. Albert Mohler discusses Nicholas Kristof's article, which raises concerns about child poverty and the breakdown of two-parent families. Kristof cites Melissa Kearney's research, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the benefits of two-parent households for children's well-being.  Scott Furrow and Jennifer Kennedy discuss Governor Newsom's veto of AB 957, a bill that aimed to force judges in family court to take custody away from parents who did not embrace the idea that a child can change gender.  Georgene Rice talks with Neil Shenvi and Pat Sawyer, who wrote “Critical Dilemma—the Rise of Critical Theories and the Implications for Church and Society.” They discuss the core ideas of the woke movement, which include the social binary, hegemonic power, lived experience, and the pursuit of social justice. They also highlight the elusive nature of redemption within this poisonous ideology, contrasting it with the eternal redemption offered by Christ alone.

Valuing Families: Two Parents as a Right, Not a Privilege | Greg Seltz with Daniel Huerta

Monday, September 25

Dr. Greg Seltz and Dr. Daniel Huerta of Focus on the Family discuss the significance of valuing family units and how having two parents is a right, not a privilege, for children. They emphasize the transformative power of love within families and the need for policies that support strong family structures for the betterment of society. For more, check out Jim Daly's piece on Christian Post.

Christ Our Hope

Friday, September 22

The Christian Outlook – September 23, 2023 Scott Furrow talks with Lisa Anderson, of Focus on the Family and host of the Boundless podcast, about the evolving challenges of young adulthood, and highlighting the increased commitment of young Christians to their faith. Georgene Rice invites Beena Wilkins to share about her book, Under the Broom Tree, which details themes of God meeting individuals at their lowest points. Beena explains that during such moments, there is a surrender of pride and self-sufficiency, making Christians more open to God's guidance through prayer.  John Hall and Kathy Emmons talk with Jim Davis about the changing religious landscape in the United States, highlighting the decline in church attendance and the factors that are contributing to it. Rick Probst talks with David Wheaton about his program's mission to convey biblical teachings and emphasize the clarity of the gospel. Wheaton stresses the importance of repentance and surrendering to Christ as Lord, sharing its transformative impact on individuals and communities. Georgene Rice talks with Samuel Hakim about his work with Redeeming the Nations Ministries and their mission to reach Muslims with the gospel. Hakim highlights the impact of digital media in spreading the message and discusses their focus on evangelism and discipleship.

Prioritizing Parenthood: A Father's Guide | Craig Roberts with John Fuller

Wednesday, September 20

Craig Roberts talks with John Fuller, co-host of Focus on the Family's daily broadcast and author of First Time Dad about the significance of prioritizing fatherhood over career ambitions and hobbies. They also talk about the importance of investing time in children during their formative years for strong, lasting relationships. 👉Follow John on Twitter 👉Follow Focus on the Family on Twitter

The Great Dechurching: John & Kathy with Jim Davis

Monday, September 18

John Hall and Kathy Emmons talk with Jim Davis, teaching pastor at Orlando Grace Church, about his book he co-wrote, The Great Dechurching:Who's Leaving, Why Are They Going, and What Will It Take to Bring Them Back? 

Parental Rights at Risk

Friday, September 15

The Christian Outlook – September 16, 2023 Scott Furrow talks with Sonja Shaw, President of the Chino Valley Unified School Board in Chino CA,  about the need for parents to get involved in their children's education and the challenges they face in doing so.  Albert Mohler discusses California’s AB 957, which is a direct assault on parental rights, parenthood, the family and marriage.  Georgene Rice talks with Israel Wayne, Director of “Family Renewal,” about what the Bible says about how children ought to be educated. John Hall and Kathy Emmons talk with Dr. Jeffrey Stivason, a Pittsburgh Pastor and a Professor at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, about the classic tale, Pilgrim’s Progress, and what it can teach us today. John Hall and Kathy Emmons talk with Anne Kennedy about the decline in church attendance and its broader impact on communities. Anne emphasizes the spiritual importance of church and encourages all believers to find a good Bible-believing church.

Hijacking Jesus: Scott Furrow with Jason Jimenez

Monday, September 11

Scott Furrow invites Jason Jimenez, president of Stand Strong Ministries, to talk about his latest book,  Hijacking Jesus. Jason and Scott talk about the distinction between biblical Christianity and progressive Christianity and how progressive Christians are rejecting the truths of the Bible.

Alistair Begg on “The Chistian Manifesto”

Friday, September 8

The Christian Outlook – September 9, 2023 Georgene Rice and Alex McFarland, host of “Exploring the Word” express concerns about the evolving language related to gender identity and its potential legal consequences, with McFarland emphasizing the need for a return to morals, family values, and faith as a solution to the issue. Albert Mohler discusses a significant rise in gender-affirming surgeries in the United States, with numbers almost tripling from 2016 to 2019, raising concerns about the reasons behind this increase and discrepancies in reported statistics, including surgeries on minors. Georgene Rice invites Carrie Gress to discuss her book,The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Has Destroyed Us, and how feminism has done the opposite of advancing women Bob Lepine and Alistair Begg of Truth for Life discuss Begg's latest book, The Christian Manifesto: Jesus' Life-Changing Words from the Sermon on the Plain, They also highlight the foundational nature of these teachings and the challenge of truly loving one's enemies in the age of social media. 

5 Traits of a Healthy Family: John & Kathy with Gary Chapman

Monday, September 4

John Hall and Kathy Emmons sit down with Gary Chapman to discuss his latest book, "Five Traits of a Healthy Family," which focuses on the importance of an attitude of service within families and the significance of consistency in parenting. Chapman's book provides valuable insights into building strong and loving families. 👉Follow Gary on Twitter 👉Follow John on Twitter 👉Follow Kathy on Twitter

Male and Female: Our Chromosomal Design

Friday, September 1

The Christian Outlook – September 2, 2023 Scott Furrow and Erik Baptist, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, discuss the legal challenges against the FDA's approval and distribution of the abortion pill, as well as the ethical concerns, and safety issues surrounding it.  Scott Furrow and Nicole Hunt of Focus on the Family talk about the abortion industry's opposition to legislation supporting alternatives to abortion and women's choices for life. Despite claiming to be pro-choice, the industry resists measures that don't align with their profit-driven focus, as seen in examples from Colorado and California. Brian From and Aubrey Sampson invite Michael Graham to discuss his co-authored book, The Great Dechurching: Who’s Leaving, Why Are They Going, and What Will It Take to Bring Them Back? Georgene Rice talks with Heidi St. John, a homeschool mom of seven, a podcaster, and author of MomStrong 365: A Daily Devotional to Encourage and Empower Everyday Moms., about how everyone has a unique role to play in fulfilling God's purposes, in this time and season in their life. John Hall and Kathy Emmons talk with Grant Horner, a professor at the Master’s University in Santa Clarita, California, about how the transgender movement is attempting to erase the way God has designed humanity.

Gospel Ministry in Ukraine; Finding Hope Through Ashes in Maui

Friday, August 25

The Christian Outlook – August 26, 2023 Bill Bunkley talks with Kris Stout, a leader with the “Word of Life” ministry, about his eventful trip to Ukraine, where he engaged in youth ministry during the ongoing conflict, assisted in relocating orphanages to safer areas, and discussed the necessity of constructing a dual-purpose bomb shelter and gymnasium to comply with government regulations. Scott Furrow and Pastor Greg Laurie discuss the rapid devastation caused by a fire in Lahaina, Maui, and elaborate on their organization's comprehensive plans to assist in rebuilding the community, providing tangible support in the name of Jesus Christ. Georgene Rice and John Bursch, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, discuss the case of unequal treatment in public messaging in Washington, DC, where Black Lives Matter graffiti was endorsed by the mayor while pro-life activists were arrested for chalking "Black Pre-Born Lives Matter."  Aubrey Sampson and Chris Castaldo, the pastor of New Covenant Church, discuss his book, The Upside Down Kingdom: Wisdom for Life from the Beatitudes, highlighting the counterintuitive nature of the Christian life in the face of suffering and cultural challenges. Kathy Emmons interviews C.J. Williams about his book, The Shadow of Christ in the Book of Lamentations, discussing its unique nature and relevance in times of personal grief and societal challenges, and its valuable teachings on finding hope in the midst of trials and understanding the character of God's faithfulness. Bill Bunkley discusses with Mike Nappa, author of Reflections for the Grieving Soul: Meditations and Scripture for Finding Hope After Loss, about the value of experiencing grief and the importance of having supportive individuals who are willing to walk alongside and offer a constant presence during times of loss and mourning.

Hawaii's Heartbreaking Calamity: Eric Metaxas and Jason Jones Share Insights

Monday, August 21

Eric Metaxas and Jason Jones of discuss the devastating catastrophe in Lahaina, Hawaii, where a fire caused significant destruction and loss of life. Jones criticizes the lack of empathy and response from the government, drawing parallels to the administration's handling of other crises such as Afghanistan and Ukraine. Jones emphasizes the need for compassion and action in the face of human suffering, both in the US and abroad.

Life, Marriage, Mankind—Male and Female: Making the Case Anew

Friday, August 18

The Christian Outlook – August 19, 2022 Albert Mohler criticizes the Illinois State Government, led by Governor JB Pritzker and Attorney General Kwame Raul, for attempting to silence pro-life messages in women's resource centers through deceptive business practices laws. Bill Bunkley and Gary Schneeberger, of Focus on the Family, discuss a thought-provoking advertisement challenging the use of "fetus" instead of "baby" for unborn children, aiming to reshape public understanding through the power of language and highlighting the Mayo Clinic's consistent use of "baby" in describing fetal development. Scott Furrow engages in a conversation with Lisa Anderson, also with  Focus on the Family, about the changing attitudes of younger adults towards marriage and relationships, exploring the influences of previous generations' divorce rates, the decline of traditional dating culture, and the challenges young adults face in navigating these dynamics. Bill Bunkley addresses the alarming rise in suicide rates and the importance of treating depression without shame, while critiquing the political climate for undermining hope and purpose, advocating for a return to biblical principles and spiritual revival. Georgene Rice and David Closson, author of “Male and Female He Created Them: A Study on Gender, Sexuality, & Marriage,” discuss the challenges of maintaining biblical views on gender, sexuality, and marriage in a hostile culture.

Timeless: The Living and Enduring Word of God - Georgene Rice with Carol McLeod

Wednesday, August 16

Georgene Rice talks with Carol McLeod, a sought-after speaker, and bestselling author of 16 books, including, "Timeless: The Living and Enduring Word of God," The conversation revolves around the relevance of the Bible, particularly 1 Peter, in the lives of readers throughout different generations. The conversation delves into themes such as suffering, joy, and the transformative power of scripture, highlighting how these teachings remain applicable in the context of the challenges faced by both the first-century Church and the modern Church.

The Essential Nature of the Church

Friday, August 11

The Christian Outlook – August 12, 2022 Don Kroah talks with Dr. Everett Piper, professor at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, about the prevailing trends in education, highlighting the disconnect between coddling students and preparing them for real-world challenges, drawing parallels between the decline in educational quality and the societal consequences of such trends. Bill Bunkley invites Jeff Schadt, founder of Revive Family,  to share his book, The One Rule Home, and how strained parent-child relationships, rather than just external influences, can drive kids towards social media and video games. Schadt underscores the potential for improved connections by adjusting parenting approaches to bridge the gap. Eric Metaxas talks with John MacArthur, pastor at Grace Community Church, about his documentary, The Essential Church, which details his church's defiance of COVID restrictions, emphasizing their legal battle for First Amendment rights. They also discuss the importance of strong leadership and courage in defending biblical truth amid cultural influences. Eric Metaxas talks with Os Guinness about his new book, “The Great Quest: Invitation to an Examined Life and a Sure Path to Meaning.”

Planting by Pastoring: A Vision for Starting a Healthy Church with Nathan Knight

Sunday, August 6

Aubrey Sampson and Catherine McNeil talk with Nathan Knight about his book "Planting by Pastoring," discussing the vision of a healthy church focused on gospel preaching, ordinances, love among believers, and treasuring Christ. Nathan highlights the role of pastors over entrepreneurs and the true measure of success in church planting. 

A Changing World, a Faithfully Christian Worldview

Friday, August 4

The Christian Outlook – August 5, 2023 Scott Furrow and Nicole Hunt of Focus on the Family discuss how the abortion industry has shifted from being pro-choice to being primarily pro-abortion and is actively fighting against pro-life legislation.  Don Kroah and Christiana Kiefer, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, discuss a West Virginia's women's sports law that was challenged by a male athlete, who has displaced over 100 female athletes from competition. Allistair Begg of Truth For Life discusses the importance of integrity and bravery in addressing challenges like educational chaos, abortion, and societal issues, advocating for truth and standing against falsehoods. Begg contrasts two classes of people: those who believe they can work out the world's problems and those who admit their need for help. He emphasizes the historical, rational, universal, and personal nature of Christianity, highlighting Jesus' role in renewing and perfecting humanity's brokenness.