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For nearly three decades, Michele Tafoya reported the action from the sidelines. She covered the NBA, NFL, Olympics, and the college football and basketball national championships. And now, during these insane times in our world, she thinks we need a serious dose … of sanity. This is the Michele Tafoya Podcast, with your host — one of the sanest people on planet earth — Michele Tafoya.

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Trump vs Biden at the Border

Thursday, February 29

Thursday, February 29th, will be a busy day at the southern border, as Biden tries to look like he cares about the crisis he made there… and Trump tries to position himself as the man who can fix the disastrous situation.

It’s Abortion, Stupid!

Tuesday, February 27

The abortion issue is molding election outcomes.  If Republicans want to win races, they must moderate — convincingly — on the issue.  And the recent developments in Alabama surrounding IVF only make things more challenging.

Controlling Debate

Tuesday, February 20

High schoolers are afraid to debate certain topics.  What happened to courage of conviction?  What happened to believing in your argument enough to stand up for it?  James Fishback is trying to resuscitate debate through “Incubate Debate.” 

13 Things Mentally Strong Couples Don’t Do

Tuesday, February 13

Psychotherapist Amy Morin turned extreme grief into a writing career.  What began as a personal checklist to get her through her sorrow  turned into a viral phenomenon that has led to six books and counting.  Prepare to be inspired.

“Countering China’s Great Game: A Strategy for American Dominance”

Thursday, February 8

Tik Tok is often called digital fentanyl or a Trojan Horse.  Why can’t Americans see how dangerous this seemingly benign app is?  Author Michael Sobolik, Fellow in Indo-Pacific Studies for the American Foreign Policy Council, joins Michele with the argument for banning TikTok.

Senator (Coach) Tommy Tuberville May Surprise You

Tuesday, February 6

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) has introduced the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023.”  He also held up some military promotions because of his objections over the Pentagon’s abortion policy.  “Coach” Tuberville joins Michele to explain both of his stances.

Minnesota Not-so-Nice

Thursday, February 1

Michele has lived in Minnesota for 30 years. And during that time, the state (and the country) have changed radically!

Taylor and Travis vs The World

Tuesday, January 30

Why are so many people enthralled by Taylor and Travis?  And why are so many exhausted by it?

History you can Trust!

Thursday, January 25

Jack Henneman hosts the podcast, "The History of the Americans." Why do folks like Michele and author Walter Kirn follow Henneman? Listen and find out.

"Deemed Sexy by the New York Times." But he was canceled anyway

Tuesday, January 23

"Audiences don't hate diverse characters. What they hate is being slammed as bigots for rejecting bad work from pretentious, unskilled activists posing as writers. If the demography of your characters becomes more important than the story, your story will probably suck." Clifton Duncan posted those words on Twitter in 2020.  Another epic tirade on “X” went viral.  How could a Black actor be against DEI?  Listen to him.  And you’ll understand.  Actor Clifton Duncan joins the pod.

Everything is Racist

Thursday, January 18

He is many things: A veteran.  Catholic.  A husband and father.  Black.  Conservative.  He is Retired Army Lt. Col Mike Russell.  And he has more common sense in his pinky finger than most people accumulate in a lifetime.  He is well worth listening to about race and gender in America.  You’ll be glad you met him.


Tuesday, January 16

While some children fortunately emerged from COVID lockdowns relatively unscathed, school closures had catastrophic effects on many others.  Jennifer Sey, film-maker, author and former President of Levi's, is the mastermind of a new documentary, “GENERATION-COVID,” to remind us of the mistakes we should never repeat.  It’s not political.  It’s about kids.

Will the Real BLM Please Stand Up?

Thursday, January 11

Mark Fisher is with BLM, Inc.  His organization’s goals are a little different from those of BLM.  Whose are better for Black people?  Fisher makes his case to Michele.

Schools are Hiding Things from Parents

Tuesday, January 9

Parents are legally obligated to put their kids in school.  Did you know that schools are free to hide kids’ gender identity changes from parents?  David DeLugas of has compelling details and a look at how the Supreme Court may become involved.

Does the US still believe in it's own virtue?

Thursday, January 4

In this encore presentation, erstwhile PragerU contributor and hirsute author, Will Witt, describes the new paradigms through which Americans are forced to peer and The Wall Street Journal's glabrous Editor-at-Large, Gerard Baker, sets a timeline of events culminating in the total annihilation of mutual trust and goodwill between American institutions and the citizens they purport to serve.     

Cancelling the American Mind and "Marxifying" the American Classroom

Tuesday, January 2

In this encore presentation, Greg Lukianoff of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), describes the national mental health decline in young Americans which negatively correlates to the pervasion of Marxian socio-political theories in American education described by author and speaker, James Lindsay.

Michele's Year In Review Part 2

Thursday, December 28

From October 7th to Ivy League Presidents acting foolish, Michele revisits some of 2023's most vivid images and soundbites. 

Michele's Year In Review Part 1

Tuesday, December 26

From a game-changing NFL injury to Transgender activism, Michele revisits some of the most intriguing moments of 2023 through pictures and sound.