Trump Responds to Indictments

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Friday, September 8

Townhall Review – September 9, 2023 Hugh Hewitt is joined by the 45th President Donald Trump to discuss his absence from the Milwaukee GOP debate, his commanding lead in polls, the ongoing legal battles, and thoughts on the Biden administration. Sebastian Gorka welcomes John Solomon, founder of Just The News, to dive into the origins of corruption starting from the Obama administration and the looming indictment of Hunter Biden. Todd Starnes talks with Coach Joe Kennedy about his return to the field after his 2015 dismissal, the landmark Supreme Court decision, and the significance of upholding religious freedoms in public spaces. Hugh Hewitt turns to Jonathan Haidt, author of his forthcoming book, "The Anxious Generation," to discuss the pervasive impact of screen addiction on youth cognition and interpersonal relationships, delving into the challenges of today's tech-driven society.