The Biden Border Crisis

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Friday, February 9

Townhall Review – February 10, 2024 Hugh Hewitt talks with Byron York of the Washington Examiner about the Senate border bill that was dead on arrival in the House. Larry O'Connor ran through all of the provisions within the bill, including no border wall, that gave it no chance of passing. Seth Leibsohn talks with Senator John Cornyn about why the contents of the bill were not the only reason it couldn't garner enough GOP support, it is also because President Biden won't follow the laws already on the books. So why add more to be selectively enforced? Seth Leibsohn also talks with Brandon Weichert about the existential crisis at the border and how a nation without borders ceases to be a nation. Victor Davis Hanson suggests that the turmoil in the Middle East stems from rushed foreign policy decisions aimed at opposing Trump and exploiting regional tensions. He cautions that without consistent deterrence, peace is impossible. Hugh Hewitt and Dan Senor, Host of the “Call Me Back” podcast, discuss the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), shedding light on its controversial practices and questioning its unique treatment of Palestinian refugees compared to other global refugee issues. Todd Starnes introduces John Rich, a renowned musician, to discuss the profound impact Toby Keith, another great musician, had on their lives. Rich reflects on Keith's patriotism, work ethic, and independence in the music industry, emphasizing his genuine love for country and unwavering faith.