The Alarming Rise of Anti-Semitism

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Friday, October 27

Townhall Review – October 28, 2023  Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Michael Oren, the former Israeli Ambassador of the United States,  discuss the public pressure and public scrutiny now on Israel for defending its people from the attack by Hamas. Seth Leibsohn talks with Brandon Weichert, author of “The Shadow War: Iran’s Quest for Supremacy” about the criticisms of Israel by college campuses, high schools and even middle schools in the United States. Dennis Prager talks with J.J. Kimche, a doctoral student in Jewish history at Harvard, about Harvard shrugging off Jew hatred, giving a belated and weak response. His fellow students even celebrated the attack on Israel. Prager then turns to David Mamet, the award-winning playwright and author, who penned a piece this week titled: “How the Democrats betrayed the Jews.” Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson turn to Batya Ungar-Sargon, Deputy Opinion Editor at Newsweek, about how the Anti-Semitic and inhuman Left has crept even further left than the Nazis, according to a close source who is a Holocaust survivor.