Media Meltdown: Unraveling Reactions to Trump's Victory in Iowa

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Friday, January 19

Townhall Review – January 20, 2024 Hugh Hewitt and Senator Tom Cotton discuss Trump's Iowa victory, highlighting the contrast with Biden's record. Cotton expresses doubt about Haley and DeSantis's chances after Trump's win, citing Trump's strong support.  Larry O'Connor discusses media reactions to Trump's win, highlighting Rachel Maddow's claim that the fear is about voters supporting Trump, not Trump himself. O'Connor commends Maddow for candidly expressing this, emphasizing the media's fear of voters deviating from their preferred narrative. Seth Leibsohn discusses the Iran-backed Houthi attack with Brandon Weichert, highlighting the missing Navy Seals. Weichart criticizes Biden's perceived incompetence, emphasizing the necessity of a new president to contain Iran and coordinate with regional allies for effective deterrence. Dennis Prager and Jeff Barke discuss the trend of medical schools using the term "birthing persons" instead of "pregnant women." They delve into the influence of pharmaceutical industry profits on medical practices and share eight free health-improving practices, including morning sunshine, breath work, and gratitude.