Israel at War; Antisemitism Soars; Biden Fights … Islamophobia?

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Friday, November 10

Townhall Review – November 11, 2023  Bob Frantz talks with Ohio Congressman Max Miller about the 234-188 vote he helped pass to censure Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for her anti-Semitic rhetoric. Todd Starnes turns to author Andrew Klavan to talk about the real reason people hate Jews. Morgan Ortagus, in for Hugh Hewitt, talks with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the Biden administration's push for a "pause" on the Israel war against Hamas.  Seth Leibsohn turns to Andrew McCarthy, with National Review, to discuss the Biden administration's disregard for the spike in antisemitism, and blatant Jew-hatred. Instead, President Biden decides to start up a new initiative, the National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia. Sebastian Gorka talks with Robert Wilkie, Secretary of Veterans Affairs under President Trump, about how the "unwinding" we're seeing in the Middle East and the broader Muslim world was all set in motion by President Obama. Bob Frantz laments the passing of "Issue #1" in Ohio, the legalization of abortion up until birth, full stop. 57 percent of voters in Ohio sided with the measure. Frantz describes how this passage is systemic of America's love for abortion and will henceforth be used to win election after election for democrats.