Iran Culpable in Killing of Three U.S. Soldiers

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Friday, February 2

Townhall Review – February 3, 2024 In this edition, we'll hear directly from Speaker Mike Johnson as he gives his first speech on the House floor since taking the gavel. He hammers home the grave facts concerning our wide-open southern border and why it's all been an orchestrated and intentional act. Bob Frantz sits down with Congressman Jim Jordan, chairman of both the Judiciary Committee and the Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, on Biden's plan to use federal tax dollars to tear down the border fence that Texas put up using their tax dollars. Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Tom Cotton about the Iran drone attack that killed three American troops. Senator Cotton calls out the lack of deterrence from the Biden Administration, which, by its weak and provocative nature, invites more attacks on American military and assets in the Middle East. Hugh Hewitt talks with Haviv Rettig Gur, an analyst for the Times of Israel, about the 4 month anniversary of the horrific attack by Hamas on Israel. He discusses the long grind in Gaza that Israel faces as it seeks to clear underground tunnels used by Hamas, all while trying to negotiate high-stakes hostage exchanges and being usurped by UNRWA, which has proven itself to be aiding and abetting Hamas.