DeSantis Makes It Official

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Friday, May 26

This week on Townhall Review – May 27, 2023 Joe Piscopo and veteran economist Stephen Moore analyze the upcoming U.S. debt ceiling negotiations. They cover the artificial 'June 1st deadline' and the likelihood of a default. Charlie Kirk welcomes Florida Congressman Byron Donald to discuss the debt ceiling negotiations. They discuss potential strategic moves, advocate for significant budget cuts, and critique President Biden's handling of the situation. Governor Ron DeSantis launches his 2024 presidential campaign on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk, pledging to revive America, end the culture of losing, and bring sanity back to the nation, promising victory and effective governance if nominated. Jenna Ellis chats with 2024 Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis about his defense of religious freedoms in Florida and his commitment to pro-life legislation, including the Heartbeat Protection Act. Bob Frantz talks with Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, chair of the Weaponization Committee, about the retaliation against FBI whistleblowers who exposed governmental overreach. Sebastian Gorka and historian Niall Ferguson discuss Ferguson's article in The Spectator titled "Trump's second act: he can still win, in spite of everything." They discuss Trump's resilience, the burgeoning administrative state, education politicization, and the waning scientific method, offering insights into Trump's potential political future and the societal issues at play.