Biden Visits Israel as Iran Threatens

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Friday, October 20

Townhall Review – October 21, 2023  Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Michael Oren, the former Israeli Ambassador the the United States,  discuss the media's willingness to report obvious lies from Hamas as fact without verifying the information. Joe Piscopo and Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, Former National Security Adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, discuss the major role of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.  John Solomon and Walid Phares, former Trump Foreign Policy adviser, discuss Iran using its proxies of Hamas and Hezbollah to bring further division to the Middle East. They also discuss Iran's ability to awaken sleeper cells throughout the United States. Hugh Hewitt speaks with Senator Joni Ernst discusses her visit to the Middle East during the time of the Hamas invasion and how Saudi Arabia feels disgruntled by President Biden for making them feel neglected.  Michele Tafoya is joined by Jonathan Tobin, Editor-in-Chief of The Jewish News Syndicate, and they talk about who really bombed the hospital in Gaza as well as the goal of the terror organizations in the region. They point out how quick the world is to blame Israel for any transgression. They also point out the irony of LGBT groups supporting Palestine when they would be killed by the Palestinians.