Biden’s “Business” Dealings Get Closer Scrutiny

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Friday, September 1

Townhall Review – September 2, 2023 Charlie Kirk is joined by John Solomon, founder of Just the News, to expose the email dealings of former Vice President Joe Biden. John unpacks the Biden cover-ups, unraveling the implications of Burisma and the urgent need for further investigations. Hugh Hewitt turns to Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher to assess the increasing challenges of AI regulation, the implications of Chinese advancements, and the strategic roadmap for U.S. security. Hugh Hewitt and California Congressman Ro Khanna discuss India's evolving global stance, its potential alignment in the upcoming decades, and the implications of China's actions while also touching upon Silicon Valley's significance in AI's future landscape. Deborah Flora and Pete Peterson, Dean of the School of Public Policy at Pepperdine, examine the challenges of homelessness in L.A., the efficacy of funding, and the significance of sound public policy.