Wokeism is Puritanical

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As an open-minded, 22-year-old graduate of Harvard, Julie became a conservative after discovering Dennis Prager's radio show. After reaching out to Dennis to express her appreciation for his work, a friendship was born that became a mentorship. Dennis then invited her as a guest on his radio show. The following summer, Julie appeared as a weekly on-air contributor to his nationally syndicated radio program. At the age of 21, Julie guest-hosted three-hour broadcasts for both The Dennis Prager Show and The Mike Gallagher Show, becoming the youngest person to solo substitute host on a national program. On "Timeless", Julie explores her views on life, politics, and current events.

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Tuesday, September 5

Mark Twain famously said: "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."  The purple haired, nose-ringed, tatted social justice warriors of today seem nothing like our top-hatted, petticoated, Puritan forebears--- but ala Mark Twain, they bear an eerie resemblance.  Julie explains how contemporary progressivism echoes the Puritanism of the past. Check out other Julie Hartman videos: https://www.youtube.com/@juliehartman Follow Julie Hartman on social media: Website: https://juliehartmanshow.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/julierhartman/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JulieRHartman Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timelesswithjuliehartman

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