The Illusion of Division

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As an open-minded, 22-year-old graduate of Harvard, Julie became a conservative after discovering Dennis Prager's radio show. After reaching out to Dennis to express her appreciation for his work, a friendship was born that became a mentorship. Dennis then invited her as a guest on his radio show. The following summer, Julie appeared as a weekly on-air contributor to his nationally syndicated radio program. At the age of 21, Julie guest-hosted three-hour broadcasts for both The Dennis Prager Show and The Mike Gallagher Show, becoming the youngest person to solo substitute host on a national program. On "Timeless", Julie explores her views on life, politics, and current events.

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Thursday, November 30

The United States of America is increasingly becoming the Divided States of America.  And what's so insidious about this division is that much of it is contrived.  Is America really as divided as it seems, or has our collective reality been distorted?  Julie has a fascinating discussion with author and lawyer Monica Harris who has written a book on this subject--- The Illusion of Division. Check out other Julie Hartman videos: Follow Julie Hartman on social media: Website: Instagram: X: