Trump Reacts to Supreme Court Hearing On Colorado Case

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Friday, February 9

In today’s Trish Regan Show, I’m covering the bombshell hearings at the Supreme Court. Judging by the justices’ questions, Donald Trump is expected to come out ahead. We have live coverage, including Donald Trump’s response to the hearings. Meanwhile, former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson (now, an independent creator and streamer hosting his own show on his own platform) is debuting his interview with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the left is going wild. From CNN to MSNBC, from Hillary Clinton to the White House Press team, news networks, government entities, and individuals are desperately trying to downplay Tucker’s Putin interview. It’s so bad that the European Union has even floated the idea of sanctioning Tucker Carlson — something that Turkey’s President Orban says he will not allow as a member of NATO. Has the left just inadvertently elevated this interview? Who DOESN’T want to see it NOW? I have fall out. And, Nikki Haley is using some VERY aggressive language to characterise the Nevada Republican Primary where she lost overwhelmingly to anyone but herself. I have all that and more in the full edition of the live show today - JOIN ME!!