The Bud Light Effect: AB Inbev Earnings to Fall Off Cliff

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Thursday, May 25

In today’s LIVE show, Trish Regan reports ANOTHER Wall Street analyst is predicting tough times for Anheuser-Busch. Earnings are expected to plunge 26% amid the Dylan Mulvaney scandal. The company is now facing an investigation by Senators Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn. Plus, as debt talks grow more heated, the CEO of one of our sponsor companies, Legacy Precious Metals, stops by to talk gold, debt ceiling, and maybe even a little Bud Light.  SUBSCRIBE TO TRISH'S NEWSLETTER AT HTTPS://TRISHREGANSHOW.COM WATCH THE TRISH REGAN SHOW HERE: HTTPS://YOUTUBE.COM/TRISHREGANCHANNEL Portions of today's show are brought to you by: To invest in gold or silver, visit their website - or speak with someone directly at 1-866-589-0560