Target TANKS: This Boycott's Got Legs!

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Wednesday, May 31

In today's program, Trish Regan says the newest boycott against Target is showing some very long legs. The Shares traded down another 4% in trading as the company struggles to placate those that are FOR and AGAINST its newest LGBT themed merchandise. Meanwhile, the former Target designer is now speaking out. Hear what he has to say about his so-called 'cancellation'.  Plus, John Kerry wants American farmer to be net zero on carbon emissions in less than 7 years. Does this mean the price of milk and meat will move higher? What does Kerry want Americans to eat? One science publication has a suggestion: BUGS.  Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos, is heading to jail for her role in the company's defrauding of investors. And, DO WE HAVE A DEBT DEAL YET? WATCH the entire show online on my YOUTUBE at SUBSCRIBE to my free newsletter here at:  https://TrishReganShow.scom Today's show is brought to you in part by: To buy and sell gold online go to the LPM website - or get assistance by calling them direct at 1-866-589-0560