Scandals ERUPT at MSNBC! From Maddow's interview DISASTER to Reid's F-Bomb IMPLOSION

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Wednesday, January 31

In today’s full Trish Regan Show, I’m diving into the chaos engulfing MSNBC. E. Jean Carroll’s off-the-rails post-verdict interview with Rachel Maddow is embarrassing for the network, at best. Meanwhile, less than 24 hours later, Joy Reid is forced to apologize LIVE ON AIR after telling the world how she REALLY feels about Biden’s foreign policy (hint: it includes an F-bomb!) Plus: the Race for Trump's VP Heats Up. You wrote in - I read your comments. There are a ton of names for VP - from Ben Carson to Vivek Ramaswamy to Tucker Carlson and Kari Lake. Let’s discuss! Remember to please SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW for Daily Videos from me.