Media Shakeup: Tucker Carlson Gets Millions to "Take-On" Fox News

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Wednesday, October 18

So, this should get interesting.  Plus, still no speaker.... Can Jim Jordan lock this down? Donald Trump's gag order is a big problem for his campaign and America's freedom of speech.  Plus, the rise in anti-semitism in American is disturbing and truly heart-breaking. But, Trish Regan says this was by design and freedom loving Americans must speak up to the hate.  Join Trish Regan for a packed show -- and please, consider helping the victims suffering in Israel. A special message from Trish: I've been so gutted by the horrors I've seen in Israel and wanted to help. I'm proud to have partnered with the International Fellowship for Christians and Jews. We've raised money to provide hot meals for the elderly in the worst hit communities of Israel -- and we've secured toys for the children in the shelters. Please consider giving anything you can to this wonderful charity. Israel needs us. You can do this my clicking THIS LINK -- or call today to give whatever you can. Every bit counts. 1-800-248-8881. TOGETHER - Let us #StandWithIsrael.  Thank you for your consideration. Trish Portions of today's show are brought to you by advertiser LEGACY PRECIOUS METALS. Call today to learn more about investing in gold or silver.