Eric Trump: Biden's Policies are PUNISHING the American People

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Sunday, April 30

Special Guest: Eric Trump Trump joins me with his thoughts on his father's candidacy, growing lawsuits against the former President, recent changes in the media landscape (including Tucker Carlon's ouster at Fox News), and why Americans have pretty much had it with Joe Biden and his policies.  Trump tells me, "Every day, wherever I go, people tell me how much they miss my father".  The weak economy and escalating inflation, he explains, are weighing on American voters. "The policies that Biden has enacted are hurting the very people he pretends to want to help," he says. Hear the entire interview in today's show.  Plus,  Dylan Mulvaney is the new spokesperson for Maybelline. Is this company at risk of becoming Bud Light? The U.S. Energy Department wants to make our military 'green.' But, will that actually win us wars? And, home borrowers with good credit are about to face new mortgage fees from the Biden administration. Beginning tomorrow, Biden will slap borrowers with good credit with new fees in order to help subsidize borrowers with bad credit.  Meanwhile, the economy is barely growing. New numbers released show that first quarter GDP rose just 1.1%, far below the 2% estimate. Inflation continues to rise. The Fed's favorite inflation indicator (the PCE price index) rose more than expected in the quarter at 4.2%. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts.  Plus, SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE for daily videos from the Trish Regan Show Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Get your Live Free Or Die gear! #trishregan #trishreganshow #thetrishreganshow Today's show is sponsored by advertisers including:  1. To invest in gold or silver, call 1-866-589-0560 2. For a Free Jumpstart Trial of Ruff Greens, click here: 3. KeyCity Capital