Hunter Biden Secretly CRASHED at White House After (Now Defunct) Plea Deal

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Saturday, August 19

Hunter Biden was secretly living at the White House for two weeks following his (now defunct) plea deal. This revelation, first reported in the Washington Post, creates new questions about the length to which the President is willing to go to make all his son's 'problems' go away. Meanwhile, the timing coincides with the cocaine found on the White House grounds. How much is this administration not telling us? And, will the previous aliases of Joe Biden (including Robert L Peters) that were communicating from private servers when Biden was Vice President reveal a direct connection between Ukraine Policy at that time and his son's $83,000 a month gig at Burisma?  Lots to unpack! Join me.  PLUS: SUBSCRIBE to the apple podcast Check out my Live Free merch! Follow me on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: #trishregan#trishreganshow#thetrishreganshow#trish#business#economics#finance#economy#financialnews#news#live#breakingnews Portions of today's show are sponsored by - Call 1-866-589-0560 to learn more.