HISTORIC! Republicans Rally Behind Byron Donalds as Next Speaker

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Tuesday, October 24

Byron Donalds for the win? Join Trish Regan LIVE for a look at the “over under” on the Congressman from Florida who loves Trump but hasn’t yet seemed to make enemies of his colleagues. If selected, he’ll make history as the first black speaker of the House. Trish sat down with him to hear his story. It’s one of empowerment and success. Join Trish with her Byron Donalds interview LIVE. Plus, updates on several fronts coming from the House Oversight Committee must be discussed. ****SPECIAL CALL OUT TO MY VIEWERS**** Please join me in helping to support those in need in Israel right now. I've partnered with the International Fellowship for Christians and Jews to raise money for their emergency fund. The money goes to assist Israelis in some of the hardest-hit areas. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to provide more than 1,000 hot meals to the victims of these terror attacks, as well as some toys for the children. You can contribute by clicking this link HERE : https://bit.ly/IFCJTrish or, by CALLING: 1-800-248-8881. Also, I would like to THANK our Show Sponsor https://LegacyPMInvestments.com for offering to MATCH all of your donations. CEO Charles Thorngren texted while we were live on air and said his firm would match all dollars that you donate. So, this helps to compound our efforts. Please consider whatever you can, even if just $1. CLICK HERE TO DONATE: https://bit.ly/IFCJTrish OR CALL 1-800-248-8881 Subscribe to the whole audio show on Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3ZHdJOk Today's show sponsored in part by: https://LegacyPMInvestments.com Call 1-866-589-0560 00:00:00 Meet Byron Donalds - The Potential Speaker of the House 00:10:33 Biden administration faces criticism 00:16:39 Middle East conflict grows more serious 00:29:11 Ilhan Omar's controversial statements  00:33:43 Rashida Tlaib criticizes the Trump administration. 00:40:05 Obama's Iran deal criticized. 00:49:19. Iran's actions disrupt Middle East peace. 00:53:39 Media bias in reporting conflicts. 00:58:31 Media bias in Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 01:09:18 Believe in opportunity and success. 01:11:17 Stay positive and be grateful. Check out my Live Free merch! https://trishregan.shop/ Follow me on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trish_regan/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/trish_regan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealTrishRegan #trishregan #trishreganshow #thetrishreganshow #trish #trishreacts #exposed #business #economics #finance #economy #financialnews #news #livenews #live #breakingnews