FOX News Sells Out Primetime Anchor? Jesse Watters in Hot Water

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Thursday, January 25

Fox News host Jesse Watters is seemingly in major trouble as Biden's granddaughter, Naomi, goes on the attack. Reacting to one of Jesse's monologues, Naomi Biden said that Jesse's comments about her grandfather were truly some of the worst she's seen. Thus far, Fox News has not yet released a statement in support of Jesse, and the media is on the attack. Is Jesse Watters at risk? Plus, Trump back in court and Peter Navarro is heading to jail. Join Trish Regan for her reaction and analysis of all these stories - plus her thoughts on the new GDP report.  SUBSCRIBE to Trish's YOUTUBE for daily videos from the Trish Regan Show Subscribe to her whole audio show on Apple Podcasts: Check out my Live Free merch! Follow me on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: