Disney Stock Plunges to 9-year Low as Fox Shows New Vulnerabilities: The End of Traditional Media

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Thursday, August 31

In today’s Trish Regan Show, we’re talking about the end of legacy media. It’s nearly here. Consider this: shares of Disney are now flirting with their lowest level in nine years. Meanwhile, shares of Fox have fallen from nearly $33 earlier in August to just over $30 a share. The two companies are facing the same problem: the legacy media industry is under enormous pressure as a result of the streaming business. Tucker Carlson is proof; 250 million people turned into his interview with Donald Trump online while just 12.8 million watched the Fox News GOP debate. While you can debate the value of online versus television, the numbers themselves are dramatic. But, what makes these two companies most interesting and most worthy of holding up as examples, is that they have two VERY different strategies to address the change. Disney is trying to cut bait with slow growth businesses. FOX, however, is doubling down, insisting on the value of the cable bundle. And, of course, there’s this harsh reality: the audiences that these two companies’ have historically courted, don’t seem to like Fox of Disney much any more! Let me know your thoughts below. Join us LIVE. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE for daily videos from the Trish Regan Show Subscribe to the whole audio show on Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3ZHdJOk ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my Live Free merch! https://trishregan.shop/ Follow me on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trish_regan/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/trish_regan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealTrishRegan #trishregan #trishreganshow #thetrishreganshow #trish #trishreacts #exposed #business #economics #finance #economy #financialnews #news #livenews #live #breakingnews