Dems UNLEASH FURY on Trump! Accuse Him of INSANE 'Alligator Moat' Plan — Internet ERUPTS!

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Wednesday, January 31

In today's LIVE Edition of The Trish Regan Show, join me for a wild ride through the political circus! 🎪 I’m diving headfirst into the Mayorkas Impeachment trial--it's gone completely off the rails.  Representative Robert Garcia from California took the spotlight, accusing Donald Trump of having some wild dreams about alligators at the border - yes. Alligators and moats!  The internet is now on fire with 'Make Alligator Moats Great Again' suddenly trending as social media users have a field day joking that moats may be a solution.  Former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson sat down with none other than former PGA Golfer John Daly and pro-Trump musician Kid Rock to chat about the border situation. And, guess what? John Daly was all in for the idea of alligator-filled moats. He even floated the idea of crocodiles.  Over on ABC's The View, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar weighed in, mocking Trump and insisting he's just too 'stupid' to understand how 'off' he is.  But, folks, perhaps Joy and Whoopi shouldn’t be so too quick to judge? Considering the many challenges the Biden Administration is currently facing, perhaps there's a method to the so-called Trump Madness — America apparently thinks so. Just take a look at the latest polls. I’ve got them.  Join me for a jam-packed show where we dissect the chaos, the elite's disgust with half the country, and the peril we currently face should we stay on the current course. Join us live - and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share!