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Trish Regan is an award-winning financial journalist, talkshow and podcast host, and author. Regan interprets political and current cultural events through an economic lens. Watch the live version online or listen to the full-audio version here. 


Thursday, February 1

In today's live show, I'm bringing you what may be the most explosive report yet on the behind-the-scenes efforts to take down Trump. A brand new documentary, just released by PBS, actually states how and why the Democrat party enlisted the help of a former Disney-owned ABC News Executive Producer to run the hearings. We've never seen such 'stagecraft', and it's no wonder Americans are skeptical. Partisan politics at its worst. Between media and liberal efforts to destroy one entire side through insults and cancel culture, even the nation's largest bank CEO is warning: enough is enough. It could all backfire. Plus, Bud Light just unveiled a brand new marketing plan! I have the details. See you here - LIVE!