Dems in FULL PANIC as Trump Poised to LOCK DOWN Nomination - Kamala Prepares to Step In…JILL Biden Reportedly FURIOUS

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Monday, February 12

They’re losing it! The Dems are seriously losing it — and they’re so worried about Trump winning after his comments on NATO that they’re trying to stuff the Ukkraine spending bill with language that would guard against a Trump withdrawl. Meanwhile, Kamala is getting ready for her moment in the sun… and, Jill Biden’s not having it! Find out what’s happening behind the scenes on Pennsylvania avenue. Plus, Tucker Carlson’s former Fox News colleague (and mine) just came out swinging against the independent creator. Hear what he had to say - and Tucker Carlson’s response. Plus, my thoughts on both men. It’s all in today’s live edition of the Trish Regan Show. See you here and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!