BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Breaks His Silence

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Thursday, April 27

Tucker Carlson just released a short but powerful message. I've got it.  Plus, WHO is going to get his plum gig at Fox? I've got names. Meanwhile, woke insanity lives on... apparently, "fat" is the same as "racist" in a new woke world. One woman wrote a book to explain that the aversion to being fat is actually rooted in racism traced back to post-Civil War days. You're not going to believe the 'logic' on this one. And, transgender swimmer Lea Thomas is lashing out at feminists saying they're trying to disguise transphobia through feminism. Huh?  I'm setting the record straight on all of it, including Biden's efforts to force people with good credit to pay higher fees than those without.  Subscribe to the whole audio show on Apple Podcasts: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Get your Live Free Or Die gear! #trishregan #trishreganshow #thetrishreganshow Today's show is sponsored by advertisers including: or, call 1-866-589-0560 For a Free Jumpstart Trial of Ruff Greens, click here: