BREAKING: Trump DESTROYS Judge in Fraud Trial “Control Your Client” Judge Fires Back

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Thursday, January 11

In this edition of the podcast, Trish Regan discusses Donald Trump's confrontation with a judge in the $370 million civil case against the former President. Donald Trump reportedly dressed down the judge, expressing his frustration with what he perceives as a witch hunt and election interference. The New York Times headline reads, "Trump rebukes judge in court." Meanwhile, the Judge reportedly fired back, telling Trump's lawyers, "Control your client!" After leaving the courtroom, Donald Trump spoke to reporters and expressed frustration at a case he insists is politically motivated. Hear Trump's statements both before and after his appearance before the Judge. Trish Regan analyses the events. SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE for daily videos from the Trish Regan Show Subscribe to my whole audio show on Apple Podcasts: Check out my Live Free merch! Follow me on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:  00:06:16 "Witch-hunt" Trump alleges political interference and unfair trial. 00:10:24 Donald Trump complains of politically motivated threats to business owners. 00:15:32 Consumer Prices Index Rises More than Expected in December 00:18:00 Chris Christie caught on hot mic criticizing Nikki Haley and saying "she'll get smoked" in Iowa in New Hampshire 00:20:00 Trish Regan asks, 'What does Chris Christie mean by a 'return on investment'? That's not," she says, "what politics should be about! 00:20:30 The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland announces this year's theme 00:24:06 Attendees at the WEF in Davos worry about the threat of 'Misinformation and disinformation' 00:30:26 Control and privilege at Johns Hopkins -- so, now we're all guilty? 00:33:05 University of Michigan spends big on DEI bureaucrats. How many kids could they educate with the money? 00:37:07 Inflation numbers higher than expected in December 00:44:01 Melania Trump's mother's passes away -- how much did that effect Donald Trump when he was reportedly not permitted to miss his court appearance to spend time with his wife? 00:53:35 ABC is likely going to be sold, as are all traditional assets at Disney. What's that mean for Whoopi Goldberg and The View? 00:56:11 Disney's growing financial challenges. 01:01:00 ESPN has to give back 37 Emmy awards after an investigation reveals the network put forward 'false names' on the applications 01:04:36 Podcast recommendations and entertainment - download the Trish Regan Show -- and check out Our American Stories! 01:08:06 Is 'incompetence' a threat to democracy? Donald Trump thinks so 01:12:24 Donald Trump credits himself for the rise in stock market valuations "the market believes I will be elected." 01:15:29 The CEO of JP Morgan tells Fox host Maria Bartiromo that it's wrong for the left to slam Trump supporters. 01:23:02 Trish explains why America suffers from a quickly deteriorating political climate. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my Live Free merch! Follow me on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: