Breaking: Sordid Details About Hunter's Escapades Being Exposed

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Saturday, September 9

Daddy is not going to be able to save him from this one.  In today's Trish Regan Show, I'm covering the news that's about to hit ahead of the expected Hunter Biden indictment -- and it's NOT pretty.  Rep. James Comer has just demanded that the DOJ turn over a list of  women that were alleged to have been trafficked across state lines to "work" for Hunter. Comer, as well as Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene, insist the women are likely victims that are in need of protection. An IRS whistleblower says it's likely a violation against the Mann Act which prohibits prostitution across state lines. Remember, Jeffery Epstein's 'madame' Giselle Maxwell got 20 years in prison for this crime.  Also, hear my take on: Money going to Ukraine - the U.S. anticipates that by year end, it will have spent $135 billion. Democrats get a huge reality check as a Minneapolis advocate for defunding the police was brutally beaten in a carjacking event by four young men as her children and neighbors screamed and watched. Shivarthi Sathanandan is now thanking the Minneapolis police for all their help.  The View wants migrants relocated somewhere else -- not in the nation's wealthiest city near them. Mayor Eric Adams agrees claiming, sending migrants to New York City will "destroy the city". Gavin Newsom tries not to ruffle Kamala's feathers and insists he won't run in Biden's place - that's her job. Is Michelle Obama about to throw her hat in the ring? Many say yes. I explain why that's the best news Donald Trump could hope for... Nancy Pelosi is running again... and she seems to be indicating she's great because... need to hear it! An Update on Snow White: I'm addressing the rumors that the movie with Rachel Zelger and Gal Gadot is about to be cancelled.  SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE to watch the show and get daily videos from me. Subscribe to my whole audio show on Apple Podcasts: GET MY MERCH HERE! Follow me on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: #trishregan #trishreganshow #thetrishreganshow #trish #trishreacts #exposed #business #economics #finance #economy #financialnews #news #livenews #live #breakingnews