Breaking: Fox News Set to Unveil NEW Primetime Lineup - Trish Regan LIVE

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Trish Regan is an award winning financial journalist, an American television talk show host and author who interprets political events through an economic lens. Get the INTEL to help you make the best investment choices with Trish.

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Thursday, May 18

Breaking: Fox News is reportedly set to announce a brand new primetime lineup. Find out who will replace Tucker Carlson and whether it will help the network avoid becoming the next Bud Light. Trish Regan is joined in today's show by Benny Johnson, Host of 'The Benny Show' for reaction. Can this move 'save' Fox? No way says Benny...that ship has sailed. And, it's sailed for Bud Light too!  Check out Benny on Youtube and on Twitter @bennyjohnson Subscribe to Trish's newsletter at and WATCH the podcast daily HERE: Today's Show Sponsored by: