Breaking: FBI Warns of Hamas-Style Terror Attacks In US

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Monday, October 16

Since Oct 1, 160 migrants whose identities match those on the terrorist watch list have been stopped trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. According to Border Patrol, more than 30 Iranians, nearly 60 Syrians, 35 Pakistanis, and 285 individuals have tried to enter the U.S. through our Southern Border. And, yet, Hillary Clinton thinks "Trump Supporters" are the biggest threat to our nation? We'll discuss. Plus, Jim Jordan looks poised and ready to get the gig as Speaker of the House. At 12 noon on Tuesday, the House will hold a vote.  Meanwhile, the pressure is mounting on Harvard University President Claudine Gay as multiple billionaire donors remove all financial support from the school due to her slow and meek response to the horrific atrocities in Israel.  Please join me in helping to support those in need in Israel right now. I've partnered with the International Fellowship for Christians and Jews to raise money for their emergency fund. The money goes to assist Israelis in some of the hardest hit areas. Thanks to YOUR generosity, we were able to provide more than 1,000 hot meals to the victims of these terror attacks as well as some toys for the children. You can contribute by clicking this link HERE or, by CALLING: 1-800-248-8881.  TO WATCH The Trish Regan Show LIVE - please go to my YouTube or Facebook channels.  Portions of The Trish Regan Show are brought to you by - Call 1-866-589-0560 to learn more about investing in gold today.