Biden's Got the Media Literally in His Pocket, Tucker Carlson's Future, and the Massive Change Coming to the Media

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Friday, April 28

In today's show, I'm looking at the future of conservative media as Americans continue to reel from recent changes to the 8pm hour at Fox News. The firing of Tucker Carlson shocked the media world and sent Fox ratings into a free-fall. Can the network recover and who's on the short list to take Tucker's spot? My guest, Stu Burguiere, is the co-host of 'The Glenn Beck Program' and host of 'Stu Does America' on The Blaze. Stu shares his advice for Tucker Carlson and tells us how media is forever changed.  The reality may be as simple as this: There's something larger going on within the media landscape as a whole. Conservatives are being shut out of the main stream conversation completely...and yet? Viewers are still finding conservatives elsewhere. Online, on Youtube, on Twitter and on Podcasts (like this one).   Just as beer drinkers turn to new beers, consumers of news are now seeking out new mediums to help them better understand the world in which we live.  Surely, it's good news for democracy that there are more avenues from which to communicate - so long as diverse voices (including conservatives) are allowed to be heard.  Today's advertisers include: