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Buck-Naked Biden and His Creepy Son

Friday, December 8

If even a smidge of what Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones alleged about Joe Biden is true — this nation is doomed. Rep. Virginia Foxx and Rep. Eric Burlison join the conversation!

No Jews Allowed: Coffee House

Thursday, December 7

Staff at a coffee house refused to allow a Jewish customer to use their restroom. Jeff Katz, Frankie Lax, Rep. Debbie Lesko, and Rep. Greg Steube join the conversation!

Trump is on Fire

Wednesday, December 6

President Trump came out with guns blazing during a town hall last night. He’s the nominee. Period. Robyn Pfaffman and Rep. Brian Mast join the conversation!

U Penn Jewish Students Forced to Hide in Dorm Rooms

Tuesday, December 5

Jewish students at the University of Pennsylvania were forced to hide in their dorm rooms as a mob of their classmates and professors chanted, “Death to Jews." John Daniel Davidson joins the conversation!

House GOP Won't Impeach Biden, But They Booted Santos

Friday, December 1

A Republican lawmaker is accused of a crime and is expelled. A Democrat lawmaker admits to a crime and is embraced. Are you paying attention now, America? Rep. Kevin Kiley, Senator Markwayne Mullin, and Rep. Jeff Van Drew join the conversation!

Only a Matter of Times Until Hamas Hits Small Town America

Thursday, November 30

It’s only a matter of time until Hamas hits small-town America. That’s why you need to pay very close attention to what the terrorist sympathizers did in NYC. CEO of The Wellness Company, Peter Gillooly, Rep. Andy Biggs, and Rep. Clay Higgins join the conversation!

Canada Says Christmas is a Form of Religious Intolerance

Tuesday, November 28

The Canadian Human Rights. Commission says Christmas is a form of religious intolerance. On a related note, Santa may be rerouting his Christmas Eve flight plans. Sen. Marsha Blackburn and State Rep. Ryan Chamberlin join the conversation!

NYC Teen Mob Hunting Down Pro-Israel Teacher

Monday, November 27

A mob of teens rioted at a New York City high school - in search of a pro-Israel teacher. Arrest the kids and charge them with federal terrorism crimes. Rep. Brandon Williams and Rep. Kevin Kiley join the conversation!

Hamas Held 10-month-old Baby Hostage

Wednesday, November 22

So it turns out Hamas really did kidnap babies and toddlers - including a ten-month-old child. Something to remember the next time you see a terrorist sympathizer tearing down photos of kidnapped Americans and Israelis. Charles Thorngren and Rep. Mark Alford join the conversation!

Air Force Warns Airmen Not to Attend Pro-Trump event

Tuesday, November 21

Leadership at the Minot Air Force Base has warned airmen not to attend a pro-Trump event sponsored by Turning Point USA. Timothy Head, Rep. Mike Collins, and Tim Barton join the conversation!

Small Businesses Say College Grads are Worthless

Monday, November 20

A recent survey found that small business owners are disgusted with recent college graduates. They said the grads are not qualified and have zero work ethic. Agree or disagree? Art Ally, Rep. Diana Harshbarger, and Patti Garibay join the conversation!

Todd Explains Why Millennials and Gen-Z Hate America

Friday, November 17

It’s no surprise that so many younger Americans are embracing Osama bin Laden. I’ll explain why on today’s show. Rep. Scott Perry, Rep. Matt Rosendale, Tony Perkins, and Col. David Giammona join the conversation!

The Can Has Been Kicked

Thursday, November 16

The Senate completed its passage of the stopgap spending bill in the wee hours of the morning today, long after the House had already left early for Thanksgiving break. Guest Host Jeff Stein understands their need to get home for the holidays...but how about doing their jobs first? Peter Gillooly, Rep. Pat Fallon, and Liz Peek join the conversation!

The Great Republican Betrayal

Tuesday, November 14

Speaker Mike Johnson may not be the leader we thought he was going to be. Right now, it’s looking like McCarthy 2.0. Rylee Niesent, Rep. Ben Cline, and Kimberly Guilfoyle join the conversation!

San Francisco Tidies Up for Communist Dictator

Monday, November 13

San Francisco has undergone a startling transformation in recent days. The homeless have been removed from downtown sidewalks. Human waste has been cleaned up. All for the arrival of a Communist dictator. Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, Art Ally, Michael Ramirez, and Rep. Bob Good join the conversation!

Did CNN Collude With Hamas Terrorists?

Friday, November 10

Did CNN, AP and The New York Times collude with Hamas terrorists? Did they have advance knowledge of the terrorist attack on Israel? American lawmakers are demanding answers. Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Eric Burlison join the conversation!

Vivek Only Said What The Voters Were Thinking

Thursday, November 9

Vivek Ramaswamy, love him or hate him, only said what all of us have been thinking for a long time. The RNC chair is a loser and we are tired of losing. And, oh yeah, NBC News sucks. Kirk Cameron and author T. Martin Bennett join the conversation!