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Biden to Deport White, Christian Homeschool Family

Monday, September 25

President Biden is opening the borders wide open to criminals, but he’s deporting a Christian homeschool family from Tennessee. Todd has exclusive details. Rep. Andy Biggs, Kevin Boden, and Dr. James Thorp join the conversation.

PRAISE THE LORD! Alabama Vows to Fight Jesus-Hating Atheists!

Friday, September 22

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey warned a Wisconsin-based group of atheists to stop bullying Auburn University students and coaches. Praise the Lord and pass the popcorn! Bth Ailes, Dr. Joshua Creson, Danielle Runyan, Rep. Rodney Hall, and Pastor Paul Chappell join the conversation!

St. Jude Fired 50+ Workers For Not Getting Clot Shot: Lawsuit

Thursday, September 21

As many as 50 staffers at St. Jude Children's Hospital were fired for not getting the clot shot. Ex-staffer Lynn Kizer is suing. She joins the podcast along with her attorney - Ron Hackenberg from Pacific Justice Institute. Also, Rep. Thomas Massie predicts a government shutdown. Be sure to bookmark

"The Fall of Rome?"

Wednesday, September 20

Andy Hooser fills in for Todd today! Wayne Black, Rachel Ehrenfeld, and Cheryl Chumley join the conversation!

Oklahoma School Bans Teachers From Posting Bible Verses

Tuesday, September 19

Teachers in an Oklahoma school district were ordered to remove Bible verses from their classrooms. Todd does a deep dive. Plus, Rep. Mark Alford (R-MO) and author Kash Patel join the podcast. 

DeSantis Disciples Accuse Trump of Being Pro-Trans, Pro-Abortion

Monday, September 18

Pro-DeSantis disciples, many of them “conservative” talk radio hosts, say President Trump is pro-transgender and pro-abortion. What say you, America? Rep. Matt Rosendale, Sara Gonzales, Rep. Bob Good, and Art Ally join the conversation!

Hundreds of Students Baptized at Auburn University

Friday, September 15

Hundreds of students were baptized after worship services at Auburn University. Student newspaper editor Kristen Carr joins the podcast with the inside story. Also KWAM News Anchor Ben Deeter on a controversy at University of Memphis along with Utah Mayor Trent Staggs and Duck Dynasty stars Al & Kay Robertson.

Film Documents How Duck Dynasty Star Met Jesus

Thursday, September 14

A new major motion picture details the story of how Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson became a follower of Jesus Christ. Kay Robertson, Phil's wife, joins Todd to talk about the movie. Their son Al also joined the podcast. 

Conservatives Taking Over California School Boards

Wednesday, September 13

Conservative parents are rising up and taking over school boards across California. Todd explains why with School Board President Sonja Shaw. Plus, Timothy Head from the Faith and Freedom Coalition drops by. Also, Heritage Foundation's Sarah Parshall Perry, and Kenny Cody from Human Events, join the conversation.

Either Biden Gets Impeached or McCarthy Gets Booted

Tuesday, September 12

Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the first step in the impeachment process today — but he did so under the threat of losing his speakership. Conservatives are raging. New Mexico State Rep. Stefani Lord, Rep. Andy Biggs, Tony Perkins, and Charles Thorngren join the conversation!

New Mexico Governor Defiant, Will Target Gun Owners

Monday, September 11

New Mexico’s governor says she will not rescind an emergency health order banning open carry. She says our constitutional rights are not absolute. New Mexico State Rep. John Block, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Robyn Pfaffman, and Tom Gresham join the conversation!

School Only Told Kids George Washington Was Slave Owner

Friday, September 8

Many Oklahoma schools were teaching kids to hate America and our Founding Fathers. Oklahoma State School Supt. Ryan Walters joins Todd to announce that PragerU videos will now be part of the curriculum. Also Newsmax host Carl Higbie, Robyn Pfaffman, and Pastor Robert Jeffress join the show. 

NYC Mayor Warns That Illegals Will Destroy Big Apple

Thursday, September 7

New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned that the influx of illegal aliens is going to destroy the nation’s largest city. So I guess NYC doesn’t want to be a sanctuary city anymore? Sen. Bill Hagerty, Rep. Scott Perry, Sen. James Lankford, and Jonathan Cahn join the conversation!

Kicking the Tires, But Coming Back Home

Wednesday, September 6

Lots of folks in early GOP caucus and primary states are doing their due dilligence, hearing from a number of presidential candidates. But as guest host Jeff Stein notes, polls show despite shopping around, a record number are coming back to #45. Rep. Ralph Norman, Vivek Ramaswamy, E. W. Jackson, and Pastor Jeff Jones join the conversation!

Get Ready, America. Lockdowns and Masks Are Coming Back

Tuesday, September 5

First it was Jill Biden. Now, Whoopi from The View. Both have Covid. And you’d better believe lockdowns and masks are about to make a surge. Will you mask up? Monica Crowley, Coach Joe Kennedy, and Art Ally join the conversation!

Biden to skip 9/11

Friday, September 1

President Biden will skip this year’s memorial for the victims of the Muslim terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. State Senator Colton Moore joins the conversation!

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Tells Todd That Biden is Driving Us Towards War

Thursday, August 31

President Trump makes a special guest appearance on the show today where he offers thoughts on his GOP candidates, Biden’s mental health, and whether he will debate. President Donald Trump, Franklin Graham, and Ryan Helfenbein join the conversation!

Judge Says Man Must Be Allowed to Live in Sorority House

Wednesday, August 30

A University of Wyoming sorority is in turmoil after a judge ruled that a large, overweight man must be allowed to live in their house. Rep. Matt Gaetz, Sarah Bradford, and Rep. Andrew Clyde join the conversation!

Republicans Leadership Refuses to Impeach Biden or Admin

Tuesday, August 29

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is asking a very important question: “What in the h*ll is wrong with Republicans?” They refuse to impeach Biden or anyone else in the administration. Walker Wildmon, Spencer Lindquist, and Rep. Jim Jordan join the conversation!