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'Keep Our Name Out of Your Mouth Today:' Border Patrol to Biden

Thursday, February 29

Border Patrol agents are furious about President Biden’s visit to the border today — calling it a shameful political stunt. Rep. Pat Fallon, General John Teichert, Charles Eller, Rep. Eric Burlison, and Erik Baptist join the conversation!

Joy Reid Wants White Folks to Stop Birthin’ Babies

Tuesday, February 27

Joyless Reid over at MSDNC wants white folks to stop birthing babies. Bigot, Racist, or just a Slap Crazy? AG Andrew Bailey, Peter Gillooly, Karoline Leavitt, and Kyle Olsen join the conversation!

Biden Has Blood on His Hands in Georgia Nursing Murder

Monday, February 26

President Biden’s open border policies directly led to the murder of a Georgia nursing student. The president has blood on his hands in my opinion. Agree or disagree? Justin Barclay, Robyn Pfaffman, and Rep. Lisa McClain join the conversation!

“Age Is Just A Number”

Friday, February 23

With all the talk about certain politicians being too old, guest host Jeff Stein challenges us to call out infirmity and incompetency by name, instead of using code words like “age”. Wendy Patrick, Rep. Zach Nunn, Phil Kerpen, and Tony Lyons join the conversation!

“Happy Birthday GOP”

Thursday, February 22

Tomorrow marks the 170th anniversary of the founding of the Republican Party. Guest host Jeff Stein assesses what the party stands for today and where it should be going. Barry Hinckley, Craig Shirley, Elaine Parker, and Dr. Naomi Wolf join the conversation!

Corrupt Media and Limited Truth

Wednesday, February 21

The latest from the campaign trail, just days away from the South Carolina Primary. Plus what is happening in DC that we don't know about? Selwyn Duke, Drew Thomas Allen, and Bear Woznick join the conversation!

Establishment DC Begins to Crumble?

Tuesday, February 20

Andy Hooser fills in on the Todd Starnes Show. The Deep State Begins to fall. From The CIA and the green energy movement to the COVID pandemic, are we finally starting to see the true colors of our establishment leaders? Micheal Waller, Steve Gorham, and Dani Katz join the conversation!

MAGA Truckers Announce Boycott of New York City

Monday, February 19

MAGA truck drivers have launched a grassroots boycott of New York City in protest of how they are treating former President Trump. Lynne Patton, Charles Thorngren, Rep, Clay Higgins, and Tim Barton join the conversation!

Fani Willis Brings Drama to the Courtroom

Friday, February 16

The Embattled Fulton County DA and her ex-lover were in court yesterday, grilled for over the timeline and nature of their relationship. Jack Posobiec, Robyn Pfaffman, and Dr. William Makis join the conversation!

FBI: If you bought a gun or Bible you may be a terrorist

Thursday, February 15

Rep. Victoria Spartz says the FBI’s data harvesting of anyone who bought a gun or Bible is similar to what government agents did in the old Soviet Union. Rep. Victoria Spartz, Rep. Tim Burchett, Pete Mundo, Liz Peek, and Sandy Rios join the conversation!

Public Schools Declare War on Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 14

Schools across the nation have declared war on Valentine’s Day all in the name of inclusion. They don’t want children to have hurt feelings. Rep. Tom Tiffany, Liz Peek, Mike Farris, and Leigh Wambsganss join the conversation!

The Deep State Has Turned on Biden

Friday, February 9

Last night’s hastily-arranged press conference was a professional hit job. The Deep State has turned on Biden. He’s toast. Laura Trump, Robyn Pfaffman, Eric Ohlhausen, and Rep. Kelly Armstrong join the conversation!

Can One State Decide Who Gets to Run for White House?

Thursday, February 8

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today on whether Colorado can remove President Trump from the ballot. OK Superintendent Ryan Walters, Stephen Ashton, and Rep. Erin Houchin join the conversation!

McCarthy Being Pitched as RNC Chair

Wednesday, February 7

Republicans reportedly want ousted-Speaker Kevin McCarthy to be the next head of the RNC. Thoughts? Carl Higbe, Rep. Ben Cline, and Gov. Scott Walker join the conversation!

Media Bashes Toby Keith

Tuesday, February 6

The Mainstream Media is bashing Toby Keith — calling him polarizing and overtly patriotic. I say that makes him a great American! John Rich, Monica Crowley, Senator Tommy Tuberville, and Rep. Greg Steube join the conversation!

HORRENDOUS: Trump Blasts Senate Border Bill

Monday, February 5

President Trump blasted the Senate border bill and said only a Democrat would support it. He said it was horrendous. Call your elected leaders now! Noel Fritsch, Ben Deeter, and Rep. Andy Harris join the conversation!

Deport Savage Illegals Who Attacked NYPD Officers

Friday, February 2

The savage illegals who attacked two NYPD officers should have been deported. Instead, they were set free without bail to prey on innocent American taxpayers. Alan Beal and Robyn Pfaffman join the conversation!