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The Situation Report provides an entertaining deep-dive into some incredibly fascinating topics that are impacting our daily lives. Yet, so few have the background to understand what’s behind the political divide and noise that has made it almost impossible for someone to figure out where the truth lies between the headlines. We bring on experts and well known personalities for each topic we propose, and then provide a meaningful 45 minute discussion with this expert, along with a digest we call “The Sit Rep” at the end of each episode, with takeaways that will provide value to our daily lives. Subscribe so you don't miss a single one of our 3 weekly episodes.

What Is Christian Nationalism

Thursday, May 25

You've probably heard the term Christian Nationalism before, but what is it? Jeremy Stalnecker explores this topic and takes a deeper look at cultural Christians in this episode of Situation Report. 

Artificial Intelligence & You

Tuesday, May 23

There are a lot of different opinions and perspectives on A.I., whether or not it is good or bad, and whether we should engage with it or stay away from it. The conversation is everywhere and you can't seem to get away from it. So where should we stand? Jeremy Stalnecker takes a closer look and more in this episode of Situation Report. 

Mental Health Month

Thursday, May 18

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. On this episode of Situation Report, Jeremy Stalnecker answers some critical questions about Mental Health and lays out what we at Mighty Oaks do for our Military and First Responder communities regarding mental health.

Why Mentorship Is Vital

Tuesday, May 16

In this episode of Situation Report, we delve into the significance of mentorship and uncover the transformative impact it can have on personal and professional growth. Join Jeremy Stalnecker as he explores the multifaceted benefits of mentorship, discusses real-life success stories, and provides valuable insights to both mentors and mentees. This deep dive into the topic of mentorship aims to equip listeners with actionable strategies to find, establish, and nurture fruitful mentorship connections. Whether you're someone seeking to pay it forward or an aspiring mentee eager to tap into the wisdom of others, this episode provides the guidance you need to maximize the potential of mentorship.

Behind The Badge with Sheriff Chad Bianco

Thursday, May 11

We had the privilege of speaking with the Sheriff of Riverside County, CA, Sheriff Chad Bianco. With 30 years of Law Enforcement experience and currently leading one of the largest Sheriff's Departments in the country, Sheriff Bianco understands the unique challenges faced by today's Law Enforcement Professionals and the personal cost they pay for standing up against evil and chaos. After providing perspective on these challenges, we discussed the need for faith, the elements of a resilient life and how the community can support those who keep us safe. Whether you are a Law Enforcement Officer in need of encouragement or someone that needs a deeper understanding of what these men and women do for those they serve, you will be helped by this incredible interview. Very grateful to Sheriff Bianco for his time and patience as he worked through our MANY questions and for his example of character and leadership in our state. Listen, share, and listen again!

Christians & AI

Tuesday, May 9

Often Christians as a whole are a bit weary of adopting technology, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence. As AI continues to grow so do the opportunities to utilize it to spread the gospel. We're joined by Nate Fischer, who is Nate the Chairman and cofounder of New Founding, a cofounder of American Reformer, an investor and entrepreneur. He makes early-stage venture investments and is the principal of NF Macro, a multi-strategy investment firm. He previously co-founded Trustwork, an online platform for property maintenance services, and InvestRes, a $1.5B real estate investment company.

Mark Meckler on the Border Crisis

Thursday, May 4

Mark Meckler, President of Citizens for Self-Governance and Convention of States Action, joins us to discuss the on-going crisis at the southern border and why we should still care about it and not let the issue fall out of the headlines. 

The Importance of Family with Jared Longshore

Tuesday, May 2

On this episode of Situation Report, we're joined by Jared Longshore to discuss the importance of family and what our culture looks like when the family breaks down. Don't miss this important conversation!

Why We Fight

Thursday, April 27

Not every issue needs to be fought over. We're a lot closer than it feels like we are but the screaming makes it seem like we're so far apart. In this episode, we take a look at issues that we need to fight over. 

1st & 2nd Amendment with R. Davis Younts

Tuesday, April 25

The 1st and 2nd Amendments are vital to what makes us American, but how are they connected? We're joined by R. Davis Younts, a former military officer who provides strategic legal guidance and expert criminal defense to military, federal law enforcement, and other patriots, to weigh in on this important topic. 

Understanding Education in Our Culture

Thursday, April 20

Dr. Ben Merkle joined us to take a deeper look into education in our country. So many of our current cultural issues have connecting points to our education system. Don't miss this insightful episode of Situation Report. 

Some Things To Think About

Tuesday, April 18

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by our culture? We have so much information coming at us all the time that it's hard to know what to focus on. On this episode of Situation Report, Jeremy Stalnecker shares a few specific things that we all need to think about. 

Story Behind The Tuttle Twins

Thursday, April 13

We're joined by Connor Boyack, author of the Tuttle Twins book series, and Daniel Harmon, creator and showrunner for the Tuttle Twins TV series, to discuss the origin story and the goal behind the series within the context of our ever-changing culture. Don't miss this insightful episode of Situation Report. 

How To Live Out Our Faith In An Ever-Changing Culture

Tuesday, April 11

How can we live out our faith in an ever-changing culture? We take a deep look at this topic and more in this discussion with Dale Partridge who is the President of and Founder of Reformation Seminary. Dale is a graduate of Western Seminary and conducted further studies at The Master's Seminary. He is also the author of several Christian books, including “The Manliness of Christ” and the bestselling children’s book “Jesus and My Gender.” He is also the host of the Real Christianity podcast and the lead pastor at King's Way Bible Church in Prescott, Arizona. 

Rise of the Fourth Reich with Steve Deace

Thursday, April 6

We focus on trying to help you navigate an ever-changing culture and this episode is no different as we're joined by Steve Deace, host of the Steve Deace Show. He's been one consistent voice during this unprecedented time and a great resource when navigating our culture. Don't miss this episode of the Situation Report. 

Definitions of Masculinity with Eric Conn

Tuesday, April 4

One thing we could all objectively agree on is that we're in trouble. Our homes are in trouble. Our communities and our nation are in trouble. And that trouble so often goes back to the conversations that have changed the definition and the importance of masculinity. Eric Conn is with us today. Eric is the CEO and founder of the New Christendom Press. He is the host of The Hard Man podcast and the co-host of the Kings Hall podcast. We'll talk about his story, where he came from, and how he got into talking and teaching about these issues on this episode of Situation Report. 

Holy Sexuality & The Gospel with Dr. Christopher Yuan

Thursday, March 30

We had the opportunity to sit with Dr. Christopher Yuan and discuss his life story and how Christians should approach the ever-changing topic of sexuality. Dr. Christopher Yuan graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2005 and received a master’s in biblical exegesis in 2007 and a doctorate of ministry in 2014. Christopher taught the Bible at Moody Bible Institute for twelve years, and his speaking ministry on faith and sexuality has reached five continents. Join The Waitlist for Dr. Yuan's Holy Sexuality Project & Special Discount:

Living A Culturally Resilient Life

Tuesday, March 28

Culture is changing all the time so how do we, in the midst of that, remain resilient? Jeremy tackles this issue and more in this episode of Situation Report. 

Lessons For Our Kids In Troubled Times

Thursday, March 23

The world is a crazy place and while we might be adjusted and used to the ever-changing nature of our culture it can be hard to help our kids navigate their way through it. Jeremy shares a few lessons for our kids in trouble times in this episode of Situation Report

Christians and The Media

Tuesday, March 21

What should our relationship with the media be as Christians? We explore this topic and more on this episode of Situation Report