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The Situation Report provides an entertaining deep-dive into some incredibly fascinating topics that are impacting our daily lives. Yet, so few have the background to understand what’s behind the political divide and noise that has made it almost impossible for someone to figure out where the truth lies between the headlines. We bring on experts and well known personalities for each topic we propose, and then provide a meaningful 45 minute discussion with this expert, along with a digest we call “The Sit Rep” at the end of each episode, with takeaways that will provide value to our daily lives. Subscribe so you don't miss a single one of our 3 weekly episodes.

How To Guide Children Through Our Culture with Andy Bunn

Thursday, November 30

We're joined by Andy Bunn, the Military Children’s Ministry director at Child Evangelism Fellowship, to discuss the craziness that is bombarding our children in culture and how an organization like Child Evangelism Fellowship is bringing a message of hope to our nation's youth. Don't miss this episode of Situation Report. 

How Texas Politics Impacts The Nation

Friday, November 24

On this episode of Situation Report, we're joined by Michael Quinn Sullivan, publisher of the Texas Scorecard, to discuss more about what's going on in Texas politics and the ripple effect that has on the nation. Don't miss this episode of Situation Report.

Pointing Veterans to Hope Through Mighty Oaks Foundation

Friday, November 10

On this Veterans Day Weekend, Jeremy is joined by fellow Mighty Oaks Foundation Staff, Chad Robichaux & Ian Hunter, to discuss Veterans Day, the Veteran suicide epidemic, and the hope that can be found in a Mighty Oaks Program through Christ. Don't miss this special episode of Situation Report. 

Discussing Aliens & Faith with Daniel O'Connor

Friday, November 3

That's right, we're going there. We're discussing aliens and faith with Daniel O'Connor - from "are they real" to "if they are, how can we view them from a biblical perspective?" Don't miss this unique episode of Situation Report! 

The Deconstruction of Christianity with Alisa Childers

Friday, October 27

The deconstruction of Christianity is one of the many ways our culture is ever-changing. In this episode of Situation Report, Jeremy Stalnecker is joined by Alisa Childers to help breakdown this topic and share about her new book - The Deconstruction of Christianity: What It Is, Why It’s Destructive, and How to Respond. Don't miss this episode!

Does The Church Have Influence on Culture?

Friday, October 20

In this episode, we're going to talk about the church in the midst of the current cultural environment by looking at the influence that the church has had in the past. We're joined by Aaron Renn, co-founder of American Reformer, to take a deeper dive into this topic and more. Don't miss this episode of Situation Report!

The Importance of Thinking with Dr. Christopher Schlect

Friday, October 13

The importance of being able to think, having the flexibility of mind, and keeping the clear vision of what God wants us to do with our lives has never been more needed than right now. We're joined by Dr. Christopher Schlect, Director of the Classical and Christian Studies program at New Saint Andrews College, to discuss this and more on this episode of Situation Report. 

How Do We Make Decisions?

Friday, October 6

We're joined by Brad Miller, West Point graduate, and 19-year US Army Veteran who pushed back against the vaccine mandate and resigned just shy of his 20-year retirement. Brad shares how he made that decision and challenges us when we're faced with difficult decisions in life. Don't miss this episode of Situation Report. 

What Should Christians Do?

Friday, September 29

The question may be asked this way: In a world like the one we're living in, what should Christians do? How should Christians act? How should Christians respond to or engage with culture? We have this conversation a lot on this show. But in today's interview with Dr. Spencer, we really get to the heart of this. Don't miss this episode of Situation Report. 

Why Aren't We Taught About Evil

Thursday, September 21

On this episode of Situation Report, Jeremy Stalnecker dives deep into the topic of evil and why our young people are no longer taught about evil in this world. Don't miss this insightful and informative episode! 

Navigating Faith & Culture with Guest Ben Dunson

Thursday, September 14

This week on Situation Report, we're honored to be joined by Ben Dunson, Founding and Contributing Editor of American Reformer. We've covered his articles in previous episodes as we try to cut through the headlines and take a deeper look at our culture and navigate our world. Don't miss this episode!

Moving Forward as People of Faith with Dr. Malachi O'Brien

Thursday, September 7

The battle of faith has changed to where we as Christians must face the enemy now more than ever. With a decline in church advocacy, we must do the work God calls us to do for the sake of our brothers & sisters in faith! Join me and my special guest, Malachi O'Brien, as we talk about Revival, Faith, and how we can make a difference in the ever-changing cultural climate. Don't miss this episode of Situation Report.

Leadership Through Lockdown with Dr. Aaron Rock

Thursday, August 31

We're joined by Dr. Aaron Rock, a Windsor Pastor, on this episode of Situation Report to hear more of his story of fighting back against lockdowns in Canada and how leadership plays such an important role in our lives as Christians. Don't miss this in-depth discussion!

Why America Matters with Michael Wilkerson

Friday, August 25

When we're looking for the right information to navigate this ever-changing culture we need context to see how we got here in the first place. This week we're joined by Michael Wilkerson, to not only understand what is actually happening in our culture and how to leverage that to move forward. Michael is the author of Why America Matters: The Case for a New Exceptionalism, find it on Amazon and where books are sold. 

In Depth Look At Suicide

Friday, August 18

Suicide is often a topic that we know is present in our culture but don't always feel comfortable talking about it. We're all aware that suicide is an issue in our culture but it's something that we need to talk about because it's on the rise and it impacts different communities in different ways. Don't miss this insightful episode of Situation Report. 

Standing Up For Truth with Raymond Ibrahim

Thursday, August 10

We're joined today by Raymond Ibrahim, an author, and speaker on Middle East and Islamic topics, to discuss Islam and other ideologies that are looking to choke out and restrict the freedoms that Christians have in our culture. If we're not willing to stand up for the truth, then we're going to lose those freedoms. Don't miss this important conversation on this episode of Situation Report. 

Much Has Changed In Our Culture

Friday, August 4

We talk a lot about the ever-changing culture that we live in. Some of that is good change, and some of that is bad. As Christians, we have a responsibility to reflect truth within a culture that isn't always looking for the truth. We have a role to play in making sure that culture changes for good. 

Depravity of Sin & The Nuances of Man

Thursday, July 27

Today on Situation Report we're joined by Army Veteran, Husband, Father, Author, Sean Russell. Sean has recently published a novel on life and what it would look like if could live life without consequences. This novel deals with the depravity of sin, and the nuances of man's will from a Christian perspective. Don't miss this episode of Situation Report. 

Standing Up For Faith with Mark Dewey

Thursday, July 20

On this episode of Situation Report, we're joined by Mark Dewey, former Major League Baseball pitcher and host of the "In The Bullpen" podcast. Mark experience controversy in his playing career when he decided to put his faith first. Don't miss this great conversation!

Antichrist Documentary with Jeremy Bundy

Thursday, July 13

On this episode of Situation Report, we're joined by Canadian filmmaker, Jeremy Bundy. Jeremy directed "Antichrist and His Ruin" When the Canadian government ordered churches to close, practically everyone complied. But some pastors led their churches to assert the supremacy of Christ over all things and especially Christ’s church and her worship. The state has been presuming to tell the church how, when, and with whom she ought to worship her Lord. In so doing, it has made itself an antichrist, trying to take the place and the honours that are due to Jesus alone. Learn more about the film: