You Loot, We Shoot

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Every week I release videos talking about politics, life, and success. As a black conservative my voice and opinions are not usually popular, but this platform gives me an opportunity to share my beliefs with an appreciative and receptive audience. I hope these podcasts help keep you informed, inspired, and every once in a while... laughing. Love y‘all.

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Friday, September 1

'This is immoral': Pastor slams NC school board over 'pornographic' library book; DeSantis has message for potential looters in wake of Hurricane Idalia: ‘You loot, we shoot’; Abortion survivor DeSantis mentioned at GOP debate speaks out: 'I did exist'; Keith Olbermann ignites social media firestorm after bashing Riley Gaines: ‘You sucked at swimming’; California Democrat frustrated by rising theft admits liberal crime bill was 'big mistake'; Brand shares some of the horrific things he experienced as a cop and takes calls; Other topics include… Nikki Haley accuses Ramaswamy of promoting ‘dangerous’ positions on Israel in feud; Colorado school's Gadsden flag ban overturned after student goes viral; Trump pleads not guilty in Georgia election interference case; Michigan police memos raised concern about possible nationwide voter registration fraud scheme; No charges will be filed in the shooting death of a South Carolina college student who tried to get into the wrong house; 16-year-old girl stabbed to death during dispute over McDonald's sauce; John Mellencamp says only 1-2% of black people in modern America have better lives than slaves. The Officer Tatum Show is now available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and

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