Race in 2024

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Every week I release videos talking about politics, life, and success. As a black conservative my voice and opinions are not usually popular, but this platform gives me an opportunity to share my beliefs with an appreciative and receptive audience. I hope these podcasts help keep you informed, inspired, and every once in a while... laughing. Love y‘all.

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Tuesday, January 30

Tatum starts off the show talking about a Tik-Toker who wants to criticize him and Charlie Kirk for their views about airlines incorporating DEI "values"; E. Jean Carroll says she'll 'do something good' with $83.3m from Trump; It's 2024... Are we still talking about the lack of black quarterbacks in the NFL and College Football?? Nancy Pelosi gets confronted by anti-Israel protesters outside her home and wants to say they're plants from China or Russia; GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley says she "needs to do better" to stay in the race against Trump.  The Officer Tatum Show is now available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and SalemPodcastNetwork.com.

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