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Every week I release videos talking about politics, life, and success. As a black conservative my voice and opinions are not usually popular, but this platform gives me an opportunity to share my beliefs with an appreciative and receptive audience. I hope these podcasts help keep you informed, inspired, and every once in a while... laughing. Love y‘all.

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Wednesday, May 17

Brandon celebrates one year doing of The Officer Tatum Show; Sunny Hostin accuses 'dangerous' DeSantis of fundraising in support of 'killing a young black man'; the Durham Report exonerates Trump, implicates the Anti-Trump double standard; Pastor John Amanchukwu stands before the Wake County School board and reads aloud a book from their school's library; Adam Silver says the NBA is investigating the Ja Morant IG video, but 'assuming the worst'; anti-capitalist ‘pay what you can’ café in Toronto closes after one year in business; men, women, and relationships. The Officer Tatum Show is now available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and

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