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As a former Congressman and Ranking Member of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary, Doug Collins knows what it means to fight for what he believes in. The Doug Collins Podcast explores all topics —  ranging from politics to life advice — and blends them together for a well-rounded discussion that you can use to get the most out of life.

Kevin Walling

Monday, June 5

Kevin Walling joins me today on to give his perspective on the current political climate. Since Kevin is a Democrat you can imagine that our perspectives will be different but we have a great conversation that I believe you will enjoy.

The Dark Side

Wednesday, May 31

I love spy movies and books. The intricacies of what our clandestine community does is amazing. Dan O’Connor has penned a new book called “A True American Patriot”. Dan is a former security expert with the CIA and he brings an enormous background to the writing of this wonderful thriller. You will also be fascinated by his tales on current world events.

Some Gave All: Why Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day are different.

Monday, May 29

Today is a very Special podcast.  I talk about the real meaning of Memorial Day and how the faces of those that we honor today still are fresh in my mind.  This is a very personal look at Memorial Day and the real reason we are free.  Please Share with all who need to hear this story.

Shut up and Conform

Wednesday, May 24

The first amendment is under attack and you have to understand the gravity of the situation. Jeff Ozanne a student at University of New Hampshire, Franklin Pierce School of Law. He gives us a first hand account of the pressure on campus to shut up and conform.

Leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso and even Rocky Balboa (Encore)

Monday, May 22

Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I take the popular actors of the screen and breakdown ideas that can help you become a better leader. Everyone can be a good leader if they spend the time working on themselves.  Today’s podcast is a fun discussion that could end up changing your life.

What makes you feel good will not always heal you: An honest discussion

Friday, May 19

Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I take a deep dive in to the debate around gun control in our country after the tragic events in Texas. I lay out with statistics why the gun control answers do not work and why instead of providing solutions they just serve to divide us. This is an important discussion that I encourage you to share with those in your life.

Are you where you want to be

Wednesday, May 17

Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I lay out 10 principles to help you accomplish more and worry less. Don’t let broken goals set you back. Just take a look around and get back at it!

Is the US broke or really broke?

Monday, May 15

Today I take a deep dive into the debt ceiling and all that you are hearing about it.  The problem is Washington is a spending problem not a revenue problem!  Share this episode with your friends!

Would you eat the Banana on the Wall?

Friday, May 12

Fridays finest takes on Modern Art, pasta in the river, and you paid what for Nachos?  James and I break it all down for you. 

The Gate is Open they don’t care!

Wednesday, May 10

I break down the latest from the border in light of Title 42 expiration on Thursday.  If you think the border is bad now just wait.  Also if you think the border is fine then I can’t help you!

What ever happened to the days of real political debates

Monday, May 8

Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I take a look at the history of Political debate and discuss the current demise of political discourse.  I encourage each of you to look at the current state of civil discourse and help search for a better way to educate the public during election cycles.

You won’t see this anywhere else

Friday, May 5

James and I explore the stories of the week that you’ve probably missed. Man limited at Sperm donation center and a chocolate bust of King Charles all on Friday Finest

Not everything that glitters is Gold

Wednesday, May 3

Coach Chan Gailey breaks down the NFL draft, with all the behind the scenes looks and hot takes.  He also has a prediction in the end that you will want to hear. 

You don’t even know why you think that way

Monday, May 1

I have always been fascinated by the way people think and the things people depend on for making decisions.  Today I talk about what goes into our decision making and why we need to be cautious and careful as we make our life decisions.

NYC Chaos, Vicious Peacocks, and Pete Rose should be in the HOF: Another Friday Finest

Thursday, April 27

James and I touch on the major topics of the week including the New York Sports teams all relevant at the same time. Also, in our continuing discussions on the happenings in our nations Zoos, we talk about the Peacock from the Bronx Zoo that is on the loose biting people.  Also, for good measure we discuss the travesty that is Pete Rose not being in the Hall of Fame.  All this and more for your listening and viewing enjoyment!

Do people really care about the issues?

Wednesday, April 26

It is over 18 months till the 2024 election for president and we are off and running. I give you a look ahead at the issues that will define it as of now.  Use this as your guidepost for the campaign ahead!

On my Front Porch looking in

Monday, April 24

Songs can put the world in perspective and remind us of what really matters. Frank Meyers joins me today for a wonderful discussion of life and music. The man behind songs like “ I Swear” and “ I am already there” helps put life in its place. Enjoy

Crying Babies, Clean Up your own Mess, Possums and Vegas wins again: All on Fridays Finest

Friday, April 21

James and I discuss all the pertinent topics of the week like whose job is it to clean up messes on a plane and why people who fly need to remember we are all in this together.  Also, Oakland baseball team not only is playing bad but they have a possum living in the stadium!  But hey, things are looking up, they are moving to Las Vegas soon.  Enjoy another Fridays Finest.