Valuing Families: Two Parents as a Right, Not a Privilege | Greg Seltz with Daniel Huerta

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In our fast-changing world, it can be difficult to sort through the issues of the day. From family to faith to the latest in the public square, it’s hard to stay up on what’s happening, much less interpret the news in a way that honors our Christian faith. That’s what Salem’s Christian hosts do for our listeners across the country every day—and “The Christian Outlook” draws from the best of their material to bring you an hour-long program you won’t want to miss.

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Monday, September 25

Dr. Greg Seltz and Dr. Daniel Huerta of Focus on the Family discuss the significance of valuing family units and how having two parents is a right, not a privilege, for children. They emphasize the transformative power of love within families and the need for policies that support strong family structures for the betterment of society. For more, check out Jim Daly's piece on Christian Post.