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In our fast-changing world, it can be difficult to sort through the issues of the day. From family to faith to the latest in the public square, it’s hard to stay up on what’s happening, much less interpret the news in a way that honors our Christian faith. That’s what Salem’s Christian hosts do for our listeners across the country every day—and “The Christian Outlook” draws from the best of their material to bring you an hour-long program you won’t want to miss.

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Finding Hope in the Providence of God: John Hall with Josh Brown

Monday, June 5

In this conversation between John Hall and Josh Brown, pastor of Bellefield Presbyterian Church, they discuss the concept of God's providence and its relevance in the face of a random and chaotic universe. They explore the book of Habakkuk, highlighting the prophet's initial despair and questioning of God's ways, but ultimately finding hope and rejoicing in the Lord despite difficult circumstances. 

First Amendment Before the Supreme Court

Friday, June 2

The Christian Outlook – June 3, 2023 Don Kroah turns to Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation for the latest on the report from Special Counsel John Durham, looking at all the alleged ties between Trump and Russia. Kevin McCullough talks with former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy about how to make sense of all the FBI abuses. Bill Bunkley, while at the National Religious Broadcasters event in Orlando, Florida, sits down with Sherri Huston of the Alliance Defending Freedom to discuss the importance of religious liberty and why Christians should be engaged in the fight. Eric Metaxas, also at NRB, talks with Kellie Fiedorek of ADF and Lorie Smith, owner of 303 Creative about the upcoming free speech Supreme Court decision, 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis. Don Kroah sits down with Family Research Council'sDavid Closson to discuss a book and study guide Closson helped write, Male and Female He Created Them: A Study on Gender, Sexuality, & Marriage. Dr. Albert Mohler invites Carl Trueman to discuss his new book, Strange New World: How Thinkers and Activists Redefined Identity and Sparked the Sexual Revolution.

Leaving the Industry: Abby Johnson's Exit from Planned Parenthood

Tuesday, May 30

Eric Metaxas talks with Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director turned pro-life activist. Abby explains that her journey is depicted in the film "Unplanned," which portrays her firsthand experience with abortion and its impact on her. She shares how witnessing an ultrasound-guided abortion challenged her beliefs, as she saw a 13-week-old fetus fighting for its life.  Abby expresses her concern about society's skewed idea of compassion, emphasizing the need for justice and accountability in protecting the unborn. Check out the trailer for Abby's newest documentary, "Unthinkable" at

Remembering Tim Keller

Friday, May 26

The Christian Outlook – May 27, 2023 Kevin McCullough invites John Welborn of Salem Church in New York City to talk about the impact that Dr. Tim Keller had on his life and the lives of countless others. John Hall and Kathy Emmons invite Tim and Kathy Keller to talk about the need to catalog and share his teachings for future use while expressing optimism about the growth of multiethnic churches in the United States due to the increasing number of Christian immigrants. Eric Metaxas talks with Tim Keller about Keller's book "Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical," where Keller discusses the role of reason, faith, and the six fundamental aspects of human existence that Christianity addresses. Frank Sontag interviews Tim and Kathy Keller about their devotional book based on the Psalms. The Kellers explain their motivation to provide a more substantive devotional that engages with scripture and prayer, sharing their personal experiences with the Psalms and emphasizing the importance of engaging deeply with the passages through reflection and self-examination. In a sermon following the 9/11 attack in New York City, Tim Keller explores the Christian resurrection, explaining that Jesus promises not just consolation, but the transformation of all suffering and the restoration of a new world where everything is made right. Tim Keller emphasizes how Jesus serves as the perfect counselor, offering tailored responses of truth, tears, and grace to people in need.

Gospel Hope Amidst a Country Adrift

Friday, May 19

The Christian Outlook – May 20, 2023 Don Kroah invites Gary Bauer, with the James Dobson’s Family Institute,  to discuss how parents need to stand up and protect their children from the transgender activism that's plaguing public schools.  Dr. Albert Mohler looks at a report on the dangers of TikTok to youth and how it feeds them a constant diet of spiritual darkness. Alistair Begg, Hershael York of Southern Seminary, Colin Smith of “The Orchard” Church in the Chicago area, and moderator Bob Lepine held a round-table at the “Basics Conference.” They discuss evangelicalism in America and the sifting in the Church that happened during Covid. Don Kroah talks with Adam Rasmussen, who works with George Barna at Arizona Christian University in their “Cultural Research Center” about how the pandemic has shaken the very foundations of the United States.  Eric Metaxas talks with Pastor Allen Jackson about making a difference in this world with the Gospel hope of Jesus Christ.

The Real World Sacrifice of Moms

Friday, May 12

The Christian Outlook – May 13, 2023 Don Kroah invites Joannie DeBrito, of Focus on the Family, to talk about how Mother's Day can be a difficult time for some people, particularly those who have experienced the loss of a child, infertility, or a strained relationship with their own mother. Find more resources at “When Mother’s Day Hurts.” John Hall and Kathy Emmons interview Courtney Reissig, contributor at the Gospel Coalition and the author of, “Glory in the Ordinary: Why Your Work in the Home Matters to God,” about motherhood and the struggles that come with it. Courtney discusses how because we live in a broken world, motherhood is hard and not always fulfilling, but it's still good. Georgene Rice invites Emerson Eggerich, contributor at Focus on the Family, to share the significance of respect in mother-son relationships. They discuss how using respectful language can help mothers connect with their boys and create a stronger bond. For more, check out his Love and Respect book. Bill Bunkley talks with Shannon Bream, Fox News journalist and author of "The Women of the Bible Speak," about how the stories of flawed women in the Bible can be comforting and relatable for women facing similar struggles today.  John Hall and Kathy Emmons talk with author Michelle Van Loon about her experience with a prodigal child and how she learned to pray and find hope through her stranger-turned-friend, Elizabeth, who also had been through a long, hard road with her drug-addicted son, which led her to cultivate a deep and intense relationship with God.

The Threat to Parental Rights: How Legislation is Undermining Parental Authority: Bill Bunkley with Jeff Johnston

Wednesday, May 10

Bill Bunkley invites Jeff Johnston from Focus on the Family to report on the various laws across the country that threaten parental rights, such as allowing minors to get mental health treatment or counseling without their parent's consent. California, in particular, is mentioned as a state that is considering taking away parental rights, with legislation that redefines custody rights and requires courts to take into account a parent's affirmation of their child's gender identity.

Girl Dad: Navigating the Heart, Mind, and Spirit of Daughters: Tim Gaydos with Jay and Rae Anne Payleitner

Monday, May 8

Tim Gaydos speaks with Jay and Rae Anne Payleitner about a book they wrote: Girl Dad: A Father-Daughter Duo Discuss Truths that Impact a Girl’s Heart, Mind, and Spirit. They share insights into the father and daughter relationship, which is sometimes complicated but ultimately fulfilling. The book encourages fathers to prioritize their relationship with their daughters and to engage in meaningful conversations and activities with them.

A Call to Prayer for the Future of Our Nation

Friday, May 5

The Christian Outlook – May 6, 2023 Kevin McCullough interviews pastor Allen Jackson about his recent tweet expressing the need to support authority, including law enforcement, and first responders, amidst attacks against them in the public square. Jackson emphasized the importance of speaking the truth about the positive role of authority in our lives, and the potential for the church to combat the manipulative messaging that seeks to tear it down. Don Kroah asks Pastor Jack Graham how he would respond to Christians who may be skeptical about the effectiveness of Christianity in light of the country's current direction. Dr. Jack Graham emphasizes the need for a revival of the Bible, genuine repentance, and consistent prayer. Dr. Albert Mohler discusses the Surgeon General's report on the epidemic of loneliness and isolation in America, and notes that as Christians, we are committed to seek the welfare of other human beings made in God's image. He calls for a deeper consideration of what caused this epidemic and what could be the remedy. Don Kroah talks with Dr. Tim Clinton, a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist, about the importance of teaching children the significance of prayer, especially in light of the alarming statistics from a recent CDC report on teen mental health. Clinton emphasized that praying together as a couple or family can create a beautiful, unashamedly heartfelt connection to God. Georgene Rice talks with Andrew Farley, about his book, The Grace Message: Is the Gospel Really This Good? They discuss the importance of the sacrifice Jesus made for us, so that we could be free in Him. 

The Spirit of God Moves When We Pray: Don Kroah with Jack Graham

Wednesday, May 3

Don Kroah talks with Dr. Jack Graham, Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, about how the Church needs to repent, that we might see revival in this country. They talk about the National Day of Prayer this Thursday, and how important it is to pray every day for our leaders and pastors.

Made in His Image: Male and Female

Friday, April 28

Christian Outlook – April 29, 2023 Kevin McCullough and Nicole Hunt, of Focus on the Family, discuss the narrow Republican majority in the House of Representatives passing the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act.” Albert Mohler looks at a candid admission from those pushing the sexual revolution. Don Kroah and Mary Rice Hasson, head of the Person and Identity Project with the Ethics and Public Policy Center, talk about the decline in culture resulting in changes in sexual norms, which ultimately stems from bad theology and the rejection of God. Tim Gaydos and Teresa Lusk, a counselor and speaker in the Seattle area, discuss the strong positive connection between happiness, family, traditional values, and faith. John and Kathy talk with Ryan Burge, author of “The Nones: Where They Came From, Who They Are, and Where They Are Going" discuss how trust in God and trust in our country's institutions is waning, but also how the younger generation is searching for God.  Eric Metaxas and historian Victor Davis Hanson talk about reasons to hope while observing our nation in decline, in particular the decline of California.

Why Jesus Still Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible: John and Kathy with J Warner Wallace

Monday, April 24

John Hall and Kathy Emmons talk with J Warner Wallace, Dateline featured Cold-Case Detective, about his latest book, Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible. Wallace explains that the foundation of human flourishing is very ancient and comes from the New Testament. He also explains the importance of being able to answer the questions from Gen Z on why anything about God or Christianity matters.

Charles Stanley: The Man, the Ministry, the Gospel

Friday, April 21

Christian Outlook – April 22, 2023 Scott Furrow invites Chris Gould, a Senior VP with Salem Media, to share about the impact Charles Stanley had on millions of people across the globe which was the fruit of a life of prayer. Bob Burney talks about how Charles Stanley's ministry started as well as some of the challenges Charles faced when he took over First Baptist Atlanta. Charles faithfully chose to follow God rather than the traditions of man. Charles Stanley gives a wonderful sermon on leaving a Godly legacy and challenges us to consider what we are living for. He also answers the question directly, "How would you like to be remembered?"  Craig Roberts and Charles Stanley discuss what it means to follow the will of God with the understanding that God wants only the best for His children, rather than following our own will and trying to make God fit into it. Charles Stanley delivers a beautiful message entitled The Cross: A Debt Paid in Full, which explains how mankind's sin problem can't be paid with anything other than the blood of Jesus.

Rethinking the Sexual Revolution

Friday, April 14

Christian Outlook – April 15, 2023 Scott Furrow talks with Dr. Ingrid Skop of the Lozier Institute to discuss a court challenge to a widely-used abortion drug, mifepristone.  Dr. Albert Mohler reveals the plan of some blue state governors to stockpile abortion drugs before they are potentially banned by the FDA. Don Kroah turns to Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel to look at states that are pushing back on the radical transgender ideology. Charlie Kirk talks with Riley Gaines, an all-American swimmer, who has decided to speak up about her recent event at the University of San Francisco, when she was attacked by a violent trans mob while delivering a powerful speech on "Saving Women's Sports."  Eric Metaxas invites Mary Eberstadt, author of "Adam and Eve after the Pill, Revisited,” to discuss the fruit of the sexual revolution contrasted with the norms and ideals for marriage, family and human sexuality set forth in scripture.