Massive March in Show of Solidarity With Israel

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Friday, November 17

The Christian Outlook – November 18, 2023 On Tuesday, hundreds of thousands marched in the nation’s capital in support of Israel. Rachel Goldberg, the mother of one of the hostages taken by Hamas, spoke at the event in an effort to bring him—and all the other hostages—home. Albert Mohler discusses how elite media outlets have been forced to admit the truth about Hamas seeking to kill as many Jews as possible. Mike Gallagher, sitting in for Don Kroah, talks with Bishop Paul Lanier about how he partnered with The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to show of the unedited video footage that Hamas terrorists recorded when committing their barbarous atrocities against Israel.  Scott Furrow talks with Philip De Courcy, pastor Kindred Church in Southern California, about the challenges men face today in a culture that is at war against Biblical manhood. Owen Strachan, the voice of the Grace and Truth podcast, talks with Mike Fabarez, author of Envy: A Big Problem You Didn’t Know You Had. about why envy has become such a “comfortable” sin for so many.